As Christmas Eve dinner approaches, we tend to come up with great table decorating ideas. From the most classic to the most original, passing through the elegant and the natural, we have gathered for you a lot of ideas to decorate the table. You just have to choose the one that best represents you. Because in Christmas decoration tastes are very varied! Live your Christmas in a thousand colors! Learn more of it.

An exotic and chic Christmas table decoration

Black is always very elegant, even on a Christmas table, so feel free to choose some beautiful black and white plates! And, to give a touch of originality, combine the chic style with the exotic by adding palm leaves and various animals from the savannah. With some black cutlery, a touch of gold and some smoked glasses you will not need more to give a festive air to your table. An original centerpiece for Christmas – Learn more of it.

Some lovely ideas for a gold table

Watch your eyes, because this Christmas table decoration is dazzling! The gold always sweeps at Christmas in the dishes and the decoration and, even, why not, in the food. Thanks to food glitter, gold is everywhere. We love to combine it with white to soften its striking effect a bit, but it also works great with black and midnight blue. Lovely! How to choose a nice Christmas tree? Know more of It.

outdoor christmas decoration ideas

A painted tree on the plate

This Christmas table decoration idea is simple as well as elegant. Pick up a few pinecones in the forest, clean them well, and paint them all or just the ends with acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Once dry, the pineapples will be an ideal decoration for your table or an original bookmark. And colorin colorado this story is over!

christmas outdoor decoration

Christmas crackers for an irresistible table

Young and old love gifts! So, while waiting to open lots of gifts, other gifts are installed on your Christmas table. You can make your Christmas crakers yourself or buy them here. Place one on each plate to pamper your guests. We love them!

outside christmas decoration ideas

A radiant centerpiece

And don’t forget the candles for your Christmas table decoration. They are a simple way to give a cozy atmosphere to your meals. You can use them as a centerpiece or align or group several candles of different sizes and colors for your theme. The trick: avoid scented candles, as they could disguise the flavors of your food. You can also add a few additional decorative elements: candle holders or chandeliers to dress your candles, pinecones, holly, artificial snow … wow, everything that allows you to dazzle your guests! Lots of ideas to discover to decorate your home for Christmas.

christmas window decoration

Some dried flowers for an elegant Christmas table

Here’s an easy-to-make Christmas table decor idea that will succeed! Place some pretty dried flowers on your table and add your favorite Christmas balls and various floral candles. The ideal is to maintain a harmony of colors to achieve a modern result as well as romantic.

christmas tree decoration items

A red and green centerpiece to follow the tradition

When we think of Christmas table decorations we often visualize red and green. With these traditional colors, you will be sure of hitting everyone. Complete the deco with classic Christmas figures: trees, balls, Santa Claus, stars, snowflakes, reindeer … Both for your centerpiece and for your decoration, the important thing is that you have fun!

christmas lamp post decoration

A little natural touch on the Christmas table

This year, do you fancy a simple and refined table decoration? Well, bet on white and nature! The white will provide lightness while the plants will give warmth to the environment. The advantage is that you can collect various elements while you walk through the forest: moss, pine cones, holly, pine branches … At the florist you can also buy eucalyptus branches, which are very modern for their elegance and will add a Scandinavian touch to your Christmas table. How about a Norwegian Christmas dinner? Are you looking for decoration ideas for your Christmas tree?

star christmas decoration

Christmas bells ring on your table

The elegant and refined bell jar is a fantastic decoration idea for your Christmas table! Well yes, it is not only used for food. Use it to enhance not only some beautiful trays, but also your decorative elements: a led candle, a tree, a pile of Christmas balls … This idea will set the tone!

christmas home decoration