Artificial intelligence is becoming essential in any marketing strategy. A business, both online and offline, must be able to meet the digital demands of customers. For this reason, knowing how to analyze marketing objectives and carry out the necessary actions is essential. In this article we want to base ourselves on the SMART strategy to achieve digital marketing objectives and we give you 4 examples of how artificial intelligence helps to achieve them.

What is a SMART strategy?

In 1981 Professor George T. Doran proposed a very successful way of defining marketing objectives. Today, almost 40 years later, we can extrapolate his proposal to digital marketing strategies:

  • S : Specific. An objective must be specific: what do you want to achieve?
  • M : Measurable. It must also be measurable: how much do we want to grow the goal?
  • A : Attainable. It must be achievable: what series of strategies will you follow?
  • A : Relevant. It must also be realistic: what means and tools will we need?
  • T : Time based. And, finally, they must be located in a period of time: how long will you achieve the goal?

Top 4 Smart Digital Marketing Goals Based on a SMART Strategy

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is one of the four main digital marketing goals. Any strategy must think about how to attract traffic, mainly of quality. SEO actions, landing pages or newsletter are designed for this.

The key action for customer acquisition is segmentation . Current machine learning tools make it possible to find the potential client, leaving the rest of the clients who are not the target parked. Thus, it is possible to launch personalized communications to the right audience to obtain more visits and better leads. What is the salary in Digital Marketing jobs?


The second of the digital marketing objectives is to provoke an action in the user, in the target. Through quality content, an attractive web design and the corresponding call to action we can generate a reaction in the user to interact with the message.

At this stage, the Customer eXperience CX or customer experience is essential. Most businesses invested 21% of their resources in CX improvement. Today, this figure has risen to 46% and it is expected that within two years it will remain at 31%. And it is that investing resources so that the client feels a better experience when they come into contact with a brand is an essential point to improve sales.


When we talk about conversion we talk about the main objective of digital marketing. The conversion tells us how many sales, how many registrations or how many downloads (depending on the objective) have been made.

To improve conversion rates, it is important to take into account some cross-selling or upselling actions , as carried out by companies like Amazon: intelligent recommendations, based on customer tastes or their history, help improve conversion.


This marketing objective can be a great ally, since far less resources are invested in keeping or waking up a sleeping customer than in recruiting a new one. To achieve customer loyalty, it is essential to know well their customs, their propensities and their history. Deep learning strategies are ideal to retain customers, since thanks to predictive analysis it is able to anticipate the needs of the user and offer products or services even before starting to look for them.

Strategies based on machine learning or deep learning help achieve digital marketing objectives. Thanks to the ability to analyze customer data, marketers are able to personalize messages, even managing to advance their needs, anticipating. However, these actions are not feasible without an orderly database and a correct disposition of the information.

For this, there are digital tools such as Salesforce, a CRM in the cloud capable of generating strategies and objectives effectively. Although there are many other tools of this style, Salesforce is the most popular and the highest quality, as it covers all the needs that a company may require in this regard. If you want more information about how a CRM like Salesforce can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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