Poblano Chili is one of the most appreciated fresh chilies in Mexican cuisine for its flavor and versatility. Although they are exquisite fillings (with cheese or picadillo) or stuffed and covered with a creamy walnut sauce (known as chiles en nogada , an ultra-typical dish of the months of August and September), one does not always have the necessary time. to prepare them like this. Fortunately, there are many ways in which poblano peppers can be used in your daily food .

Poblano chile green rice

chili with poblano peppers

The Mexican eats rice practically every day. The best known (and it is because they are very rich!) Are red rice and rice a la jardinera, but when you need a little more “style” or simply something different, green poblano chile rice can be an option. very tasty. 7 Mexican Christmas Food for Dinner.

Chicken and poblano chili cream

poblano chili substitute

The poblano in soup? Sure you do – and combined with chicken, potatoes and corn, delicious! As with many dishes with this chili, the other ingredients soften the spiciness of the poblano a lot, allowing its wonderful flavor to be enjoyed without any pain.


Rajas with cream

chili relleno recipe poblano

The term “rajas” refers to chili peppers, and poblano pepper strips made with cream have a variety of uses. Mexicans most often eat them wrapped in a tortilla (taco style), on top of toast, or on a plate to accompany roast beef or chicken – but feel free to come up with your own combinations. How does a slice cake with cream look like?

Potatoes with slices

poblano recipes chili rellenos

Poblano strips go very well with potatoes. This preparation is also very versatile, as it lends itself to tacos, tostadas, or an accompaniment to chicken, fish or grilled meat. Be sure to try them for breakfast with some scrambled eggs. Like creamed slices, sliced ??potatoes keep well refrigerated and are just as delicious if reheated.

Sweet potato with poblano pepper and corn

chili poblano recipe

Homemade stews like this are one of the main arguments for preferring home-made food to restaurant food. While the French fries are tasty and satisfying the occasional craving, the sweet potato (made here with other super Mexican ingredients) has more nutrients and a lot more flavor. Check it!

  • Another option, for snacking: Corn granite pancakes with poblano pepper

Fish fillet with slices

poblano chili recipe

Fish may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of poblano chili stews, but how well these two elements get along! This simple recipe (in addition to fish and chili, it only has red tomato and onion) from the Mexican southeast may become one of your favorites because it is easy and light.

Chili spaghetti en nogada

chili poblano

If you like both tradition and innovation, try this pasta accompanied with all the ingredients of one of the most revered dishes in Mexican cuisine – a different way of preparing the dalicious chiles en nogada.