In business today, the only constant is change . Innovation is happening at tremendous speed, leaving organizations looking for future leaders with the most innovative ideas. Business processes will almost certainly play a role in the career path of most professionals, regardless of whether their goals are in the banking, industrial, arts, tourism or far beyond .

If you are wondering, “ What can I do with a degree in business administration and management (Business Administration)? ” You should know that there are abundant opportunities in today’s job market for professionals with diverse and dynamic business experience.

In this post we will see what studying ADE consists of – with particular focus on our offer at the European University – and what ADE job opportunities are .


Studying business administration and management provides extensive business knowledge. Thanks to an innovative study plan, if you choose to study at the European University, you will study subjects related to finance, marketing, law and business management . But not only that – you will develop your skills in communication, leadership and teamwork thanks to the business and marketing workshops, innovation management, and business simulation.

Also with this degree in ADE  you can learn to manage people, so that their work is more efficient, and you will come out with all the knowledge you need to be able to create your own business, or correctly manage someone else’s. In short, the ADE career will provide you with all the tools to become an entrepreneur or businesswoman ready to enter a job market and its endless tempting offers in which it is sometimes difficult to fit in.


In the midst of this sea of ??job offers, the profile that you have acquired during your university studies, either in person or after studying our degree in ADE online, matters a lot . The career opportunities ADE offer a wide range of possibilities, considering that you could change tastes and preferences throughout the race. You will be able to perform different functions of medium or high responsibility in various areas, such as production, human resources, finance, marketing, commerce, administration or the quality area.

Here we explain some of the outputs of ADEthat you will have when you finish your degree and want to launch yourself into the job market. You must bear in mind that the labor market does not stop evolving, and that new jobs are being created day by day in which you could add great value. Some of the outputs of the ADE degree are:

  • Advice and consulting: with this degree you can be in charge of carrying out financial, economic, fiscal, labor analysis or carrying out market research tasks.
  • Management : you can work as an administrative manager in various fields, such as tax or labor, among others.
  • Financial area : one of the exits of ADE has to do with work in financial institutions or in banking. In them you will perform administrative, financial and accounting tasks. In addition, you will keep track of products or their marketing
  • Direction or functional management : in this case you will be in charge of the tasks of production, distribution, logistics, expansion, marketing, quality control, human resources management or administration.
  • General management: in this case your work will have to do with the planning of strategies, operations and management of the department or project in which you are.
  • Public administration : if what you are looking for is to focus on official bodies, the degree in ADE offers you that possibility. The exits of Business Administration are, among others, occupying management positions or technical positions in the Autonomous Communities, in local or state agencies, in the Treasury or in Social Security, among others.
  • Teaching : finally, with the necessary complementary preparation, you will be able to become a teacher, both in teaching centers and in the companies themselves.


If you want to develop the skills most in demand today at the European University we offer you an education based on experiential learning. We have agreements with large companies in Spain and abroad where you have the opportunity to do internships and learn from the best professionals. In addition to the degree in ADE, we have a broad portfolio of other programs in the business and technology area both in person and online, offering the maximum possible flexibility to combine your studies with other commitments you may have.