The  Alfa Romeo 4C  is a two-seater coupe that uses technologies and materials derived from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Bet on a new supercharged aluminum engine with four cylinders, direct injection and 240CV. It is mounted in the center-rear position and linked to the TCT six-speed double-clutch transmission, which is responsible for sending all the force to the rear axle. Of course, there is also the ‘Alfa DNA’ driving mode selector, which has been evolved and features  the hitherto unprecedented ‘Race’ mode.  The Italian firm promises  real driving fun  and it is not surprising.

It measures four meters long, its wheelbase is 2.4 meters, it weighs 895 kilos and its weight / power ratio of 4 Kg / CV is similar to that offered by a Porsche 911 Carrera S.  With these figures, the 240CV of its 1.8-liter turbo is enough to reach 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds or reach 258 km / h.

It can  be made even more exclusive  with the ‘Racing Pack’ and ‘Luxury Pack’. The first one includes 18-inch front and 19-inch rear alloy wheels, ‘Sport’ suspension kit, sports steering wheel, exhaust pipe and ‘Racing’ tires. The second incorporates leather and microfiber upholstery, bi-LED headlights and carbon fiber headlamp projectors. The base price of the Alfa Romeo 4C includes: black leather steering wheel with paddles, instrument panel with TFT screen, sports seats and aluminum trim on the dashboard with laser engraving.

At no cost, the customer can request the audio equipment with navigation, the manual air conditioning system and the electrically adjustable mirrors. Your engine, It is equipped in the more powerful Alfa Romeo Giulietta , it has undergone so many changes that it no longer looks the same. It is a four-cylinder supercharged aluminum, direct injection and a power of 240CV. As for its turbo, from the manufacturer ‘Garrett’ (with fixed geometry), it delivers a constant torque of 350 Nm up to more than 4,000 rpm. The engineers have been amazed at how it weighs about 920 kilograms with 90% gasoline in its tank (40 liters), so those figures for its block  should not, at all, sound like little. 

It is true that the car could digest a little more power without any problems … but this Alfa runs and  behaves like a good sports car. ?When you open the rear hood, which houses your engine (which is not exactly light, even though it is made of fiberglass), you will find a small 110-liter trunk to make even weekend getaways with a small suitcase. The rest is occupied by the block mounted in a central transverse position (there is only room for two occupants). Everything under the panels of its incredibly attractive bodywork is  almost like a racing car.  The same happens in its front part (to remove the front hood you have to remove several screws, it is not something that is done with a button).

This configuration is  reminiscent of the world of racing and competition. So much so, that the six-speed TCT double-clutch gearbox crashes a lot on this model. The convertible variant is called the  Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.  Logically, its price is higher. The monocoque frame has been strengthened in this open version, so it now weighs 42 kilograms more and throws the Alfa Romeo 4C above a ton (albeit narrowly). The reinforced soft top is secured with six clips, which are simply released to roll up like a beach mat and store in the trunk. Apart from the design of the rims and the special yellow color, everything else takes it from its closed brother. Under the body the 240CV of its central engine beat  , commanded by a six-speed double-clutch gearbox. The cabin it is simple and narrow.  The management does not have any assistance.

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