Christmas Eve is coming and you are looking for original ideas to decorate your Christmas table. The Christmas centerpiece is usually the main element, since it determines the rest of the decoration and structure of the table. To get away from the classic holly bouquet, discover our 10 original Christmas centerpieces for a chic, natural, or luxury meal, as well as the corresponding Christmas table decoration ideas. Live your Christmas in a thousand colors! Learn more of it.

ght a black tablecloth with gold cutlery and smoked crystal glasses. For a touch of originality, mix the chic and the exotic with palm or cactus patterned napkins, which will deviate from the classic fir tree. For your DIY Christmas centerpiece, you can also use exotic plants and scatter jungle animals between the plates. No more is needed to give your food a festive air.

A golden table for a luxurious Christmas

The gold in the Christmas decoration will always be a success. If you choose gold plates, look for the contrast with an ecru linen or jute tablecloth. If you have a nice wooden dinner table maybe you can even do without the tablecloth. More chic, a white or blue tablecloth will allow you to place golden figures on the table. For the Christmas centerpiece, use a luminous garland in shades of yellow and lead it among the Christmas tableware. An original centerpiece for Christmas – Learn more of it.

A country Christmas centerpiece

A simple and elegant Christmas table decoration idea is to use natural greenery. Pick up some pinecones around the field, clean them well, and paint them whole or just the ends with acrylic paint and a brush. Once dry, the pinecones can be used in different ways: glued together as a Christmas wreath, tied to a luminous garland on the table or simply placed on the plates to assign the seats at the table in an original and natural way. 10 decorative Christmas table ideas to whet your appetite for the holidays.

A Christmas centerpiece in the form of a gift

Age doesn’t matter – everyone loves gifts. Make a DIY Christmas centerpiece out of them by lining two salvaged cardboard boxes with white paper. Stacked one on top of the other and adorned with a pretty silver bow, these gifts will turn heads on the dinner table. You can use a silver tablecloth to continue in the same tone, or transparent glass balls and lanterns. Finally, add some pinecones and branches to add a natural touch. How to choose a nice Christmas tree? Know more of It.

A bright and warm Christmas centerpiece

To decorate your Christmas table, consider placing some candles. It is a simple way to add a warm atmosphere to your food. They can serve as a centerpiece if you line up or group several candles of different sizes in the same colors as the rest of your composition. Remember to avoid scented candles, as they could mask the flavors of your food. You can also add more Christmas decorations: pine cones, holly, artificial snow … A nice decoration idea is to use a Christmas mug as a lantern or candlestick. Lots of ideas to discover to decorate your home for Christmas.

Flowers for an elegant Christmas table

This Christmas table decoration is easy to come by and departs from the traditional fir and holly bouquets. Select some beautiful dried or fresh flowers and place them in a beautiful transparent vase, a silver salad bowl, or, more original, in a Christmas mug. Add your favorite Christmas balls, as well as some floral candles. The ideal is to maintain a harmony of colors to obtain a result that is both trendy and romantic. Use the leaves to decorate the space between each diner or mark the seat of each one by writing their name on them with a gold marker.

A surprising centerpiece with a wooden log

u can add classic Christmas figures: miniature fir trees, balls, Santa Claus, stars, snowflakes, reindeer … Red candles and fir branches will allow you to stay in the classic colors. For a more chic effect, wrap the trunk with ribbons in the color of your composition, revealing parts of the bark. Top it off with an LED garland, which will offer very subtle lighting.

A pinch of nature on the Christmas table

This year do you fancy a simple and refined table decoration? Bet on white, which will provide lightness, and on plants, which will give warmth to the environment. You can collect many elements walking through the field: moss, pine cones, holly, fir … Place the pine cones in a transparent vase and add one or more branches without leaves, trying to maintain good stability. You can hang some Christmas balls on them and add a very elegant and trendy eucalyptus branch to achieve a Nordic and handmade atmosphere. Are you looking for decoration ideas for your Christmas tree?

Christmas tableware on table decoration

Chic and elegant at the same time, the bell jar is not just for cheese. Serve in it a Christmas centerpiece to enhance your decoration elements: an LED candle, a small fir tree, a set of Christmas balls or pine cones… Also take out the Christmas tableware, such as, for example, a Christmas mug.

Have you found a great idea to create an original Christmas centerpiece to your liking? Discover our Christmas collection to make it come true.