Much is said today about big data and the potential of data analysis or data science . It seems undeniable that it is essential to have as much information as possible and analyze it intelligently to implement data science in marketing campaigns. However, sometimes all these terms can become something too generic, difficult to understand in its application. In this article entitled “Big data applications: real examples of technology at the service of data science” we want to exemplify the use of big data in marketing through some real cases.

“Big data” applications: knowing the true potential of data analysis

For sample, a button. The best way to understand what big data can do for a business, an institution or a company is through examples. Here are some real cases of data science application in the fields of politics, economics, health, automotive or sports .

Data analysis in politics

One of the areas in which big data has played a more relevant, and also controversial, role has been in politics. As early as 2012, President Obama planned his re-election based on data analysis . He assembled a team of big data experts with three main objectives:

  • Registration : collect data from your current voters.
  • Persuasion : locate the undecided and convince them to win their votes.
  • Participation : mobilize voters to actually go to the vote.

It is likely that the fact that the data analysis team, the fieldwork team and the communication team worked in unison is, in addition to the use of big data , the other key to the success of the Obama campaign. Years later, President Trump was doing the same to get more voters: another success story of using big data strategically.

Finance and “big data”

The world of banking and finance is rocking up considerably and is getting into the use of data to improve performance . And, if we think about it, our bank has a lot of information about our  consumption habits . Information why many companies dream of having:

  • what is our income
  • What shops do we usually go to?
  • how much we spend on each of them
  • what kind of online stores we visit
  • which of our favorite establishments are physical
  • how much of our income do we save
  • how much do we spend …

Likewise, with these data analyzed on a large scale, the population statistics that allow all this information have no end.

“Big data” in healthcare

The progress being made in the world of medical research is spectacular. Thanks to big data, it is not only possible to obtain information and statistics, vital for many studies, such as, for example, to study patterns of disease spread ; It is also possible to decode our DNA and detect possible diseases (even without symptoms) or to know the most suitable foods for our body.

Another example of big data applications: a Toronto hospital monitors newborn babies and, thanks to the programming of certain algorithms, they are able to detect infections even 24 hours before they appear.

Intelligent use of information in the automotive industry

You’ve probably heard of driverless cars. The artificial intelligence and data big unite in the automotive field to produce vehicles that drive autonomously. Thanks to cameras, sensors, GPS and the internet, autonomous cars make it possible to move cargo or passengers without the need for a driver . In fact, it is estimated that in the year 2030, it would not be necessary to drive, but simply to let ourselves be carried away by these vehicles.

“Big data”: applications in the world of sports

From the smartwatch that records the kilometers traveled, the calories burned or the physical activity carried out, to the analysis that allows big data to be carried out to detect winning styles, formulas to improve the performance of athletes or even how to better reach the spectators of an event sports.

Regardless of the business sector, it is clear that the potential of data analysis to achieve objectives efficiently and optimizing resources is impressive. Cognodata aims to help companies achieve these objectives by applying technological solutions. And is that data analysis is here to stay and companies that do not apply it in their strategies will be losing business opportunities. We hope we have solved some questions with these examples of big data : applications for real life in the fields of banking, politics, automotive, health or sports.

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