A business consists of a good project that must be accompanied, without a doubt, by an effective, well-planned and determined business strategy. Adapting the strategy to certain objectives is essential to achieve the success of a company. Whatever the activity that the business develops, certain tools are necessary to give it a voice and reach the largest possible audience. In this article we analyze how to achieve good results with the correct trading strategy.

Commercial strategy: get customers

After the birth of a business idea, different mechanisms are deployed until its opening or inauguration. The rush to make an idea a reality can lead us to rush into our decision making.

Before starting the commercial activity, we must take into account not only logistical issues but also the definition of a commercial strategy. It is important to understand the business strategy as a part of the business: and that is to ensure the benefits, there is not only to reach the largest audience , but must find that it is adequate .

This process requires planning, dedication, and analysis. We cannot forget that the time spent planning the commercial strategy before launching the business can be the most productive time invested .

Business strategy and plan to achieve goals

The development of the commercial strategy is the first point to deal with once the need and type of product to be developed has been defined. First of all, when you start to develop your idea, you must define:

  • What need does it cover?
  • What is your competition ?
  • What value does it add or what new value does it add?
  • What is the target audience ?

The point that we are interested in defining here is the one that refers to the public, also called the target : the public is the key to the commercial strategy.

The definition of the area of ??specialization and the target audience are two factors that feed into each other. Basically it is about getting customers and achieving so much that they choose your company and your service or product. It is important to define as specifically as possible:

  • Who are the potential customers.
  • How old are you.
  • Where they live.
  • What are your hobbies and what do you do?

The digital world is of great importance in business strategy . In this regard, consumer behavior can be described with the following steps:

  • Knowledge : in this phase the client seeks information about something but is not aware that he has a need to attend to.
  • Consideration : the client identifies his need and conducts an active search to satisfy it.
  • Decision : at this stage the client makes his choice between several options.
  • Loyalty : the customer chooses the brand again and recommends it.

Digital tools for business strategy

The commercial strategy will be based on several pillars:

  • Take the commercial strategy to the concrete plane, carrying out the actions, materializing it by making decisions.
  • Make the commercial team know the strategy.
  • Reorient the strategy and see it as a process that can be varied to achieve the objectives.

To control your commercial actions, from a digital point of view we can use:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows to carry out the management tasks of the clients and improve the relationship with them to achieve the final objective, which is to achieve and optimize the results that are pursued.

Know the leads

The so-called prospects or leads base what is also defined as intelligent prospecting. The knowledge that the CRM obtains about customers will feed the strategies to continue knowing them and being able to segment your audience . The fact of reaching the most specific customer possible, even if it means reaching fewer people, guarantees the return that will be achieved.

Measure satisfaction

In technical terminology, the Net promoter score is derived from the surveys that customers fill out once they have enjoyed the product and its service. This makes it possible to outline, once again, the commercial strategy.

Inbound marketing as a business strategy

One of the most revolutionary business strategies in recent years is Inbound marketing. In contrast to the Outbound, the inbound is based on a set of strategies that call no direct or nonintrusive. All actions are based on attracting the user or potential buyer or client to the business channels. In an initial stage, this client has a contact with the purchasing platforms and little by little the relationship is strengthened until it becomes a client.

It is important to bear in mind that the claim is coming from the client: he is the one who, in the end, looks for your company. This is undoubtedly a very sustainable strategy  that brings good results.

Your commercial strategy must begin by defining very well what need you are going to cover and what is your value. Knowing your potential client and identifying him will give you a guaranteed return. Spend time planning what your business strategy will be and you will be making the best investment.

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