It is clear that cleanliness is an important factor, and more so in a smartphone since we are constantly touching it with hands, sometimes full of dirt. Especially, we are talking about a device that is used practically 100% thanks to its touch panel, so it will be inevitable to keep it impeccable as when we took it out of the box for the first time.

However, many are the users who, surely, have decided to clean the screens of their smartphones in a somewhat peculiar way. And although we believe that nothing happens like, for example, when using a glass cleaner, the truth is that we have to go a step further to find out if we are really doing it well or are we only damaging the touch panel no matter how much it seems to be shiny. But is it really bad or not?

The dangers

You have probably asked yourself the question if we can clean a screen with any type of glass cleaner, be it Cristasol or another brand. The answer is easy, they are delicate elements to which we should not apply cleaning products that contain chemicals such as ethanol, sodium citrate, among others. And, even if it has isopropyl alcohol, the truth is that it is most advisable not to exceed 70%.

In addition, we must be clear that we should never apply this alcohol directly to the screen itself, but that we should apply it on a microfiber cloth and then clean the panel. Therefore, the ideal is that we do not use the classic ‘glass cleaners’, but rather use special products for the panels.

And that’s not all, but smartphone screens have an oleophobic coating (a final layer that covers the panel so that fingerprints are less noticeable). Even alcohol will damage this component of the terminal. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that we use a protector for the panel which we could get to be able to clean more easily. Of course, we must be careful with the different elements of the smartphone such as its cameras or connections, since they could be damaged

Use special products

If we feel that a microfiber cloth is not enough to be able to maintain the panel of the mobile device well, we can always resort to specialized products for these components. Besides that, there is a great varie

In this way, we will ensure a correct cleaning and with which we will not damage this fundamental part of smartphones at any time. Basically, because as much as it seems that the screen is totally bright, we would be damaging it more than cleaning it. Learn more about Redmi Note 11 only at Shaz Vlog.