Importing the concept of customer analytics from the US to Spain was not an easy task for two entrepreneurs who one day met in Galicia and decided to embark on the world of data mining applied to business. From then until now, 15 years have passed in which the company has grown in its offer of solutions to become what it is today: a leading international consulting firm and a pioneer in Customer Science.

2001 – Cognodata Consulting is born
Cognodata begins its journey led by Fernando Corbacho and Raúl García Monclús, positioning itself as an innovative company specializing in the application of analytics to business.

2005 – We exceeded one million euros
It only took four years for the market to understand the advantages of analytics and to overcome the barrier of one million euros in turnover.

2006 – We arrive in the USA
Cognodata becomes international by crossing the Atlantic and developing the company’s first project outside our borders.

2007 – More than 75% of repeat clients
The recurrence rate of our clients or the repetition index exceeds 75%, a good sign of consolidation for an innovative company.

2008 – From analytics to application and business strategy
There is a diversification of Cognodata’s solutions driven by the demand of customers who request not only figures and data but also a strategic approach that accompanies them.

2009 – The million-euro
project The company’s first project exceeding one million euros becomes a reality and continues our ascending career.

2009 – We
exceed 50 consultants Large-scale projects foster a generalized growth of the company that is accompanied by a growth of the team reaching more than 50 consultants.

2009 – First project in LATAM
Accompanying one of our large Spanish clients in the banking sector, the opportunity arises to work in Latin America. And we don’t think about it!

2010 – Change of corporate image
Adapting to new times requires changes and we decided to abandon our traditional corporate blue for maroon, offering a more modern and up-to-date image.

2011 – We moved to Castellana
We needed more space due to the exponential growth that these years have brought to the company. Our change of office to Castellana marks a before and after in Cognodata.

2011 – We open an office in Mexico
One of our main markets in Latin America is Mexico, the numerous projects that are addressed from there lead us to open an office in Mexico City

2011 – We create Tinámica We
reinforce our more technological side to face the Big Data explosion with the creation of Tinámica, focused on BI tools and technologies.

2014 – We grow older
Working for 25 financial entities in Spain and for 80% of the financial system in Mexico makes us of legal age and positions us as a leading company in Customer Strategy.

June 2014 – MBIT School Foundation
With the aim of training professionals who can extract the value of data in companies and train them in the new professions that have emerged in the digital economy, MBIT School is born, the only Spanish training center dedicated exclusively to Business Intelligence and Big Data.

2016 – Towards leadership in Customer Science
More than 1,500 models, 150 clients and 500 projects endorse us. But we are not satisfied and we know that the path to success lies in innovation, so in this last year Cognodata has once again updated our offering of services and solutions, taking the step from Customer Strategy to Customer Science.