Three years ago we carried out the first edition of the study “Client Management in Spanish Insurers”. Thanks to the participation of 39 entities, we had the opportunity to offer a detailed view of the situation of customer management in the Spanish insurance sector.

In 2012 we have decided to republish the study, since in addition to knowing the current situation of customer management, a large part of it is aimed at identifying the trends that are expected over the next three years. Time passes and the future has already become present. This new edition will be richer than the previous one, if possible, since in addition to offering us a reliable picture of the reality of the entities, it will also allow us to verify if the expectations that existed three years ago have been fulfilled.

Customer management is undoubtedly an area of ??strong growth; In fact, growth expectations in insurance companies for 2012 in the case of insurers that do not belong to the top 10 for premiums earned were greater than 50% in terms of people dedicated to this area, while for large insurers, growth expected was close to 200%.

In this new edition of the study we will review in detail from the different typical organizational structures in customer management and the evolution they have had, since in recent years there has been a great movement in the sector with the appointment of numerous Customer Directors , as well as the creation of specific marketing and/or client divisions in insurers that did not have them.

Along with the strategic approach to customer management, we will also review in great detail a vision of the tactical actions that are carried out in support of the management strategy, making an extensive review of the tools and capabilities necessary to correctly manage customers and be able to coordinate commercial campaigns carried out on customers.

The management of customer experience, the role of commercial networks (key in those entities that concentrate their business on sales through mediated networks) and the barriers to the development of customer management are other key elements that will be analyzed in great detail in this new edition.

Customer management is a sustainable competitive advantage that the sector as a whole is working on and with this initiative we hope to be able to contribute our grain of sand in order to improve management.