A company must be able to manage relationships with its customers. Doing it manually is now part of the past and the new technologies and applications offered by the market invite us to automate these tasks. In this sense, a CRM is the ideal tool for this. The acronym CRM effectively refers to Customer Relationship Management , a whole declaration of intent. Deciding to use an online CRM tool implies numerous advantages, the main ones being space saving and data accessibility. Why should you consider an online CRM in your company? Here we tell you.

What is an online CRM?

In a CRM, online or not, data is stored about the information of customers, suppliers  and also of possible and future opportunities . It is essential to handle business data in an agile and efficient way.

Online CRM is based on hosting data in the cloud instead of on the organization’s physical servers. An online CRM can be used through different platforms and with just a web browser . This virtual way of hosting data has multiple advantages. The power CRM for your business, Know more of It.

Advantages of CRM Online

There are plenty of reasons that a company has to opt for CRM Online. There are many advantages obtained from online CRM compared to conventional on-premises CRM.

  • Less time is spent storing data and it is stored much more reliably (think of lists or papers that end up lost).
  • The information is completely accessible at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Managing repetitive tasks consumes less time and effort by being automated.
  • It delves into the client and knows him better, since all his information is consulted from the same point. In addition, the contact information of suppliers and customers is also centralized and is visible and accessible to the entire team.
  • The business analysis is provided . A sales analysis can be carried out from different points of view: product, commercial, month, year … And this data extraction is already contemplated in the online CRM so it is not very expensive as it allows to generate automatic reports.
  • In the cloud, data security is greater than on a server, since there is no manual or scheduled backup.
  • Billing can be integrated within the online CRM . In this way, a budget can then become billable, integrated into the system itself.

CRM Online and the global business vision

Thanks to the implementation of an online CRM, the processes that lead to sales are strengthened. The information is treated in a much more efficient way and is kept up to date instantly.

An online CRM allows the management of the tasks to be carried out and those that are being complemented. In this way, not only does it serve as a repository of information that can be consulted, but the information is better organized than in individual lists or excels stored in folders that nobody updates. Ease of access and usability is where the power as a global online CRM business viewer resides. And it is that if the data is kept updated, monitoring them is very simple.

Thanks to online CRM we can focus on:

  • The development of communication channels that are digital
  • Increase the return of the company thanks to the new clients that are captured
  • Build loyalty to our client
  • Communicate trust to customers

In conclusion, we can say that an online CRM can influence business in a very positive way, by allowing a large volume of data to be managed in a very agile and secure way. Thus, an online CRM allows you to focus on the business strategy, facilitating the processes.

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