So next we have css or ui frameworks and these offer pre-made classes to create elements on the fly things like menus lists alerts and much more now i would suggest learning one as a front-end developer so some of the popular ones are tailwind css which is really hot right now and it’s a bit different than the others so something like bootstrap which has been around for a while you have the css classes that will give you alerts cards and many other elements with tailwind you have very low level utility classes so you can create your own cards and alerts and stuff the downside is that your html is going to have a ton of css classes in it but the upside is it’s very very customizable and you don’t really have to write any css tailwind is my suggestion but i also underlined bootstrap just because it’s really popular bootstrap 5 has now been released i think it’s an alpha right now but there’s a very good chance that you’ll run into it and when something is is i guess relatively easy to learn like sas or a css framework i usually do suggest learning it at least the basics just in case you run into it even if you don’t plan to use it even if you’re freelancing and you know you’re going to do everything with pure css then you know i still suggest learning it because you could run into it with a client website or if you go to a job or whatever it might be and the truth is if you know one you pretty much know them all it’s just a matter of looking at the documentation to find class names and one very very important point i want to make is that you want to learn css before you jump into these frameworks don’t go from just knowing pretty much anything about css to diving into a framework i can’t stress that enough just like you want to learn javascript before jumping into a javascript framework. You may also be interested in learning about Local SEO.