So a huge part of working on the back end of a web application or creating apis and services is working with data and that usually includes working with a database of some kind and there’s many types of databases the most popular are relational databases or sql databases which are you know use the structured query language sql and then nosql databases which also have a subset of database types for instance mongodb is pretty popular and that’s a document database it’s really popular with javascript stacks like mern mean stack it’s very javascript or json-like and it’s very flexible and scalable relational databases have been around for i don’t know 40 plus years and they’re used everywhere you have postgres which is my relational database of choice i would use postgres with just about any language and framework including node express i also use it with python php mysql is is the one that i used for years back when i was doing a lot of php um postgres is still really popular especially in the php world you might also look at microsoft sql server oracle there’s there’s a lot of different relational databases out there that have been around forever so firebase is a cloud database and I really wanted to uh to include this in the list because I personally really like it for smaller to medium sized projects it’s basically an entire platform it has data and file storage authentication pretty easy api to use a combination of something like react and firebase may not be great for giant scalable applications but i think it’s a good solution for small personal projects or even you know small business solutions freelancing etc you also have elasticsearch which is a search engine based database and it provides full text search with an http interface and schema free json documents it’s not something i have a lot of experience with but i do see it used quite a bit object relational mappers or object data mappers are really important they give you an abstract layer for your application to interact with your database so a lot of the times you don’t have to actually write sql queries for instance you just have this api that you use to interact with your database mongoose is really popular with node.js and mongodb sqlize also used for postgres i believe it can be used with multiple sql databases and then sql alchemy is an example for python you have doctrine and php eloquent is what laravel uses so there’s many of these so just do your research on what’s available for your you know your language slash framework. Learn web development. or higher The Digital IO.