There is nothing better than a well decorated house to create a Christmas atmosphere! What if this year you were not satisfied with just a beautiful tree? We have a lot of decorative ideas to offer you. Have everything ready for these Holidays!

A handmade crown can never be missing

The Christmas wreath is an important element of the Christmas decoration for the home. It looks great on a front door or even inside the house. We love hanging several on a white wall. The advantage is that you can choose one completely made from our selection of wreaths or make one yourself thanks to our DIY Christmas decoration. With this deco you will be crowned! Live your Christmas in a thousand colors! Learn more of it.

Light the flame with some candles

At Christmas, candles give your home a magical atmosphere. And, since night does not take long to fall at this time of year, we can enjoy them even more. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for Christmas. You just have to choose a few models from our selection of candles that match your Christmas theme: pink, gold, natural, traditional… You can place several candles and candle holders for a sparkling Christmas! An original centerpiece for Christmas – Learn more of it.

penguin outdoor christmas decoration

A corner of blanket and sofa to wait for Santa Claus

Christmas is also a time when the cold sets in. It’s nice to stay warm at home while consulting the DIY Christmas decorations! A chubby blanket, a hair rug, a very comfortable armchair and you already have a perfect Christmas decoration to enjoy those blanket and sofa moments. 10 decorative Christmas table ideas to whet your appetite for the holidays.

complete christmas tree decoration set

A simple deco for a perch-ect Christmas

Decorating our home at Christmas does not have to be expensive! Here’s an idea that will bail out tight budgets. A hanger, a few pretty balls, golden thread and voila: you have the way to decorate your home. If you are looking for inspiration, discover our selection of Christmas balls. How to choose a nice Christmas tree? Know more of It.

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The luminous garlands not only on the tree

Although the tree is usually decorated with luminous garlands, nothing prevents you from decorating the rest of your home with them. These lights, rolled up in a column or a railing, hung on a wall or even placed around the tree, will illuminate your long winter evenings. Also use outdoor lights for the garden or terrace. Shiny!

christmas yard decoration ideas

Decorative objects and candles are essential to decorate a fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, you can use it to decorate your home at Christmas. With candles, of course, but also with figurines, reindeer, stars and a Santa Claus. Because it is the ideal place for them to look radiant. Discover our selection of figures that will reign with pride in your fireplace. And, if you can’t light it, add some candle beads as well. It will cause a sensation! Are you looking for decoration ideas for your Christmas tree?

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The Advent calendar, a handmade Christmas decoration that we love

How hard it is to wait for Christmas to arrive. Luckily there is an Advent calendar! Not only does it serve to decorate your home, no, no, but it also helps the little ones to look forward to Christmas with all its surprises. It is also a pleasure to design it yourself. Discover our selection of calendars, which you can fill yourself with little surprises. Advent aft!

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Decorate your home naturally for Christmas

Winter is not an impediment to decorate your home with plants! Take advantage of this holiday season to add holly, mistletoe, fir, and eucalyptus to your home. Plants will help you spice up your compositions and add a natural touch to your luminous decorations. And, if you want to bring out the Christmas style, feel free to make a terrarium Christmas ball with our Christmas decoration DIY.

outdoor christmas train decoration

You can recreate Christmas in red and green …

Are you a fan of American Christmas traditions? Well, do not hesitate to decorate your home in red and green! At this time, you also have the right to take out the decorations and other objects taken from Christmas movies: a snow globe, a Christmas sweater, a singing Santa hat, a teddy bear and some funny reindeer … Take advantage, because retro is in!

christmas mantel decoration

The balls hit the ball!

Here is another inexpensive idea for your Christmas decoration. You just have to place a few Christmas balls on a tray or a small plate with several candles and a figurine to decorate your home. To add more elegance, vary the decorative motifs respecting the style or colors. Ready, everything will go smoothly, especially with our selection of balls!

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