Data analysis and the execution of actions based on the collected data are two essential points to improve the user experience (UX). It is said that machines are going to control the world and that there are already algorithms that decide for us.

The possibilities of programming technologies capable of anticipating the needs of users are endless. This is where deep learning comes in: a concept that brings with it many business opportunities to invest in. In this article we tell you more about this methodology and we give you some examples of business opportunities related to deep learning.

What is deep learning?

There are many robots capable of responding with basic actions to the needs of the user or marketing automation tactics that are based on simple algorithms to approach the interests of the client. Deep learning goes further and aims to be a system as similar as possible to the human being and his mind. The technological structures of deep learning are based on the human nervous system itself and are significantly improving aspects such as reasoning, emotion or vocabulary. Psychology and philosophy are sciences that come into play to create machines that work in much the same way as the human brain does.

Deep learning business opportunities

The fact of automating certain tasks in an intelligent way and applying them to the business world opens a myriad of doors that are real business opportunities.

Financial sector

One of the sectors that will benefit the most from deep learning is the financial sector . From automatically detecting possible fraud to offering a 100% personalized product to the client, all in real time.

Transport world

The famous driverless cars are known to all. The creation and programming of these vehicles are counting on the collaboration of psychologists and philosophers who help create algorithms that allow safe decision-making. In this aspect enters, not only the identification of pedestrians, but the moral dilemmas that can arise in an accident, for example.

Customer Support

This field offers serious business opportunities. In fact, it is said that soon it will be machines that serve customers by phone, online or even at office and hotel receptions. From simple automatic responses to the prediction of behaviors, this attention goes through personalization so that the treatment is as similar to what we would have with a human being.

Legal advice

In the legislative field, deep learning offers certain advantages to improve productivity and, as in the banking sector, offer customized solutions. They may not replace the human presence but they will be a great source of information to improve decision-making by professionals.

Sports sector

Teams around the world are looking for specialists in deep learning and big data applied to sports. And it is that data analysis can be very useful in this sector. In the NBA and in the most powerful soccer leagues, this technology is already being used to analyze the performance of the players.

As in other fields, this analysis allows obtaining clear answers and modifying strategies in time to improve results.

Deep learning in sports is also a great tool for judges and scouts, who, thanks to the data obtained after the matches, can more easily detect who will be the next crack .

Identification of emotions

If something differentiates deep learning from other data analysis methods, it is the identification of emotions. In this sector we can open endless business opportunities, since the applications of this utility expand to any sector. The ability to detect customer emotions (joy, sadness, fear…) and act accordingly in real time is a very powerful opportunity.

The fact of having the help of machines to gather information, predict behavior or detect emotions, far from being a possible source of unemployment, becomes a box full of business opportunities.

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