We have all heard about “special diabetic socks for men”, passing by the discomfort that some of us find the word “may wonder if they really work or if we just fall for a marketing strategy. Our feet are a fundamental part of our lives, they support us and lead us to live wonderful experiences, which is why their care is paramount.


To reveal everything about the use of socks, as well as the recommendations to prevent complications in our feet, I had the opportunity to share a very pleasant talk and, above all, full of diabetes education, with Héctor Infanzón, nutritionist and diabetes educator who He has worked for six years for education, having an active participation in the community.

First things first: naming and knowing what causes us fear is of vital importance to face it, knowledge is our ally to take action on the matter and remain calm. So, what are the complications in our feet that can be seen related to diabetes? Héctor shares an excellent explanation:

“There could be complications in our extremities: in our hands and in our feet. This specific complication is called diabetic neuropathy and within this diabetic neuropathy there is something that we all know and I think we have heard that it is called diabetic foot ”, Héctor also tells us that the major complications related to this condition are ulcers in feet or legs, which due to the natural development of this disease can unfortunately lead to amputation.


When living with diabetes you have to be constantly attentive to details, we know that it is a full-time job. Speaking of our feet, there are alarm data that are fundamental and that, in addition, must be constantly reviewed, both by those of us who live with diabetes, and by our team of health professionals.


The first refers to vascular alterations and Héctor explains it to us with an excellent allegory: “Imagine a pipe in which we pour burned oil, food that is no longer useful, garbage in general. What is going to happen to that pipe? Well, it is probably going to be clogged and it will no longer be functional, this analogy is very similar to our arteries. So, our arteries, which is where the heart pumps blood, because they carry blood everywhere, including our extremities”, this lack of circulation can cause that, when we have a wound on our feet, it does not heal properly due to lack of good circulation, comments Héctor.


Another important alarm data is sensitivity, since it serves as a protection of our body against possible injuries, to be able to detect if something is hot, cold or also, if it is sharp. Héctor points out that the loss of this sensitivity in the extremities can be an important sign to attend to, since it could put us at risk of developing an injury.


The shape of our feet can change and is also something to pay attention to as this can affect the way you walk and whether we should consider changing the type of footwear we wear. Finally, Héctor tells us that we must be very attentive to injuries and the appearance of our feet ; if they are well moisturized , if they have cracks, the condition of the nails, if there are calluses, if there is moisture between the fingers, the color of our feet or if the temperature in them changes.


Héctor points out: “How do we realize that my foot is at risk? … there is no other answer than checking that foot.”

The work of the team of health professionals is extremely important for the care of our feet, Héctor emphasizes the importance of reviewing this important item in the medical consultation, the visual analysis of the feet, as well as the sensitivity, In addition, the use of other more complete studies with certain periodicity, such as palpation of pulses in the feet or an ankle-brachial index measurement study, which helps us to rule out disease in the arteries.


After revealing everything we need to know about our feet, comes the most important part: how do we take care of them?… Let’s go back to the socks, about that detail of the commercials and the famous men’s diabetic socks, Héctor tells us that they do work and that, Although their advertising has not used the most appropriate terms, they have the characteristics that a good sock should have. In the event that we do not want to acquire those famous socks, we can apply them to any other sock, Héctor shares with us the characteristics that they must have:

  • 100% cotton material
  • be soft
  • No internal seams
  • No adjusted springs

And if you had any doubts about the compression diabetic socks men’s, Héctor recommends that you consult with our specialist doctor, since these must be under medical prescription since they have different levels of compression. Read more  at Shaz Vlog.

Finally, Héctor shares three essential tips for taking care of our feet and avoiding future complications:

  1. Seek the opportunity to have your feet checked and evaluated by a health professional.
  2. Take self-care measures such as checking your feet every day, maintaining good hygiene, keeping them dry and moisturized, using talcum powder if necessary, getting your nails trimmed properly, wearing socks and proper footwear.
  3. Share this information with our relatives and with other people with diabetes, in order to create a cascade of education and make a difference in order to reduce these diabetic foot complications.