We help you get 100% of them and we explain how to find the most difficult ones. Once you have them, you can use the fast trip without paying anything.

Forza Horizon 5 arrives on PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One on November 9 (available now for Premium Edition buyers). As is usual in the Playground Games saga , one of the attractions of the game is once again finding a huge number of bonus posters scattered around the world; there are no more and no less than 250 and locating them all is a real challenge. Getting them brings juicy rewards like climbing a mountain of levels and unlocking the free fast travel. We have already traveled Mexico from beginning to end, so we help you find them all through a complete map .

What are they and how do they work?

There are two types of posters: those of experience and those of fast travel . The first (200) are divided into several categories and collecting them grants a certain amount of experience points. The seconds (50) reduce the price it costs to make a quick trip, becoming totally free in case you manage to get them all. Call of Duty Vanguard, analysis and A delivery with post-traumatic stress

  • NOTE : to unlock the fast travel it is necessary to buy the player’s house located on the beach at the western end of the map (we mark it on the map with a blue circle). It costs 2,000,000 credits, but it brings a very useful novelty to the franchise, since it allows you to travel not only to other houses or festivals; also to any exact point on the map and immediately.

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Bonus posters in Forza Horizon 5: how to find them all

Below we offer you in images the exact location of all the posters. Keep in mind that many appear on your map when you drive close to them, but there is another that will only do so if you are really close. In addition, below the photos we leave you a brief description of the most difficult posters to get.

  • Lake poster: this poster is very special, because you can see it from a distance, but it is only possible to collect it during the dry season (the seasons change weekly). At that moment, the lake will empty and you will find a mound of earth that will allow you to jump over the temple and get hold of it. It is the only sign that requires you to wait for the dry season. You have it marked on the map with a green circle .
  • Signs located at high points : There are a handful of signs that are found in places like rooftops, mountains and structures like electricity towers or the like. Once you get to its surroundings, the key is to observe the surroundings of the structure; there is always some ramp or mound from which it is necessary to gain some momentum to jump and reach the sign.