Yes, more than 10,000 free backlinks for your website. You read well So, by the face! Imagine that you are working on creating your professional profile or that of your company, you already know that search engine optimization will be an important factor in your goals. You want to rank highest for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, and for that, you need a lot of backlinks.

This SEO approach is used by a number of companies and startups. You only have one problem: it is very laborious. This leads to many entrepreneurs looking for labor-saving alternatives, including automated SEO apps like the various backlink generator programs available.

But before I give you the solution on how to get 10,000 free backlinks for your website, I must explain a couple of things first, as well as some important caveats and considerations.

Let’s start first by answering:

What are backlink generators?

As I mentioned earlier, they are programs that automate your SEO.

They do this by creating spam comments that include links to your domain, especially. These comments are typically not relevant to your content and appear randomly across the web on sites that are not current to you.

These traits are the problem that makes them controversial because backlinks that are irrelevant or considered poor quality can damage your ranking.

Even when they don’t hurt your ranking, they have far less than the “good” backlinks. In this scenario, you have to reject a lot of those backlinks before you start getting results.

This can add unnecessary effort and investment to your SEO strategy.

What about free backlinks?

The main reason so many people who are new to SEO tend to use these tools is their cost.

They give the user the opportunity to get free backlinks.

Obviously, this is more attractive than paying for them by hiring an SEO company to take care of your digital marketing.

The fact is, if you want “free” backlinks, you can create them yourself.

They will not be as fast as using a program. They won’t be as quick as hiring an SEO agency either, but at least they’ll get you started.

All that is needed is to learn how to distinguish “good” backlinks from “bad” and then create them yourself.

Many SEO guides recommend around 10 per week as you get started.

How to create “good” backlinks?

The quickest and often most profitable way to get good backlinks is to hire an SEO company to provide you with search engine optimization services.

Sometimes, however, that investment is not yet feasible for startups.

Sometimes companies like to start on their website and SEO work before speaking to outside consultants.

Either way, creating backlinks that will increase traffic to your page for a long time involves a few simple criteria:

  • Creating links that fit naturally into the language of a page or comment.
  • Make sure they are hosted on sites relevant to your keywords and your audience.
  • Placing them where people looking to navigate to your site actually use them

If you follow these criteria, then the links you create should receive traffic through them, which is a sign of a good link.

They should also naturally conform to keyword analysis and readability when pages are crawled by Google’s Panda and Penguin bots, so they shouldn’t be penalized on those fronts either.

Automating your SEO for ROI

If you want to get a solid return on your investment, it is important to remember that SEO requires a lot of work.

You may be able to give your business a better start by starting your SEO strategy while developing your website.

Eventually managing the research, analysis, planning, and execution of your digital marketing efforts will become hugely time and energy-consuming.

But are there quality-free backlink generators?

Yes, although they are scarce. Some are worth using, especially at the beginning, but never, I repeat, NEVER, focus your SEO strategy on generating backlinks in this way, however, we are going to see some tools, which are still worth using to get your website to start generating visits.

Therefore, you must use all the legitimate tactics available to you (content, backlinks, etc.) to get to the top of the search and stay there.

Free backlink generators

SmallSEOTools Backlinks maker

Built with SEO best practices in mind and in accordance with Google’s recommended link-building guidelines, Backlink Maker does a clean job of creating high-value free backlinks and brings you closer to the top of the SERPs.

You can generate a large number of quality, genuine backlinks in seconds.

In fact, a few hundred!


Although not as good, as the previous one, in terms of quality, BackLinkr automatically creates thousands of backlinks of a certain quality for your web page,


This fast indexer sends your URLs to various statistics sites.

These sites give your URLs value and also provide a free link to your site.

IndexKings sends your URLs to over 15,000 sites, giving you a lot of backlinks in a fast way.


105 free backlinks and then they ping them too! Go to PingBomb


This website has its own Backlink Maker.

The tool allows you to create or rather submit the website or blog to different high PR sites from where you can easily generate backlinks.

Solid SEO Tool’s backlink creator confirms that your SERP rank is not lost.

Final destination: More traffic = more conversion

As you can see, using backlink generators well you can have more than 10,000 (even 30,000) links to your website.

Now, as I mentioned before, your SEO strategy should never be based on that, and you should choose as much as possible, to build your own quality backlinks.

So, use them early in your strategy and always very cautiously.

Another factor that will help you SEO:

A brilliant design profile on a social network is the key to the success of the company at any stage.

Creating a competent page is impossible without the use of social media templates . The developed themes allow you to present information to users, dilute it with images and symbols, and the SEO optimization of the products eliminates the additional cost of advertising.

The number of solutions available today allows you to choose templates for your theme, and at the same time customize the color scheme and main objects at your discretion. All the ready-to-use themes are easy to use, which makes working with the quick and very comfortable.

In addition, using social networks to promote a business is one of the best tools to work on the Internet today. Templates for social networks provide enormous benefits to developers, the main ones are:

  • The opportunity to stand out from the competition;
  • create a unique website design without any help;
  • the presence of SEO optimization for each product, which eliminates additional marketing costs;
  • saving time and money in website design;
  • possibility of working with professionals, that is the high quality of all products.

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