All right so i’m sure most of you know what wordpress is or drupal there are content management systems where you either you or your client can log in to an area and create content for the website without touching any code so wordpress and drupal they include interfaces for a front-facing website and they also include the you know the part where you log into the you can call the back end and add your data now a headless cms works in a similar way but it doesn’t have that front facing web page it’s used strictly for the data part and you can add whatever you want for the front end a popular option is to use something like Gatsby which we just talked about a static site generator and then connect to a headless cms to get your content so you could have a blog or i don’t know a recipe index or whatever it might be now there’s a bunch of options i personally like strappy it’s an open source node.js headless cms that you host yourself you know you don’t have to sign up for any any subscription or anything like that it’s completely free and it’s really easy to use you also have headless cmss that are hosted and that are hosted elsewhere and have premium packages um if you go over a certain quota you’re charged but most are really generous and you can get by with like a personal blog absolutely free sanity.io is great there’s a crash course on the channel also a react react sanity portfolio project on the channel content full and prismic are two that are pretty popular that i’ve never used personally and then wordpress can also be used as a headless cms because it has a rest api built into it so you can actually have wordpress as your cms but you could use gatsby or you could use just you know plain old react on the front end along with it. Learn web development. or higher The Digital IO.

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