About to hit the market the 11th generation of the Honda Civic, little was known about the model. Now the brand has revealed that it will have a much more elaborate and mature design, and will incorporate the brand’s latest technologies.

The Honda Civic is already 50 years old and with more than 27 million units sold in 170 countries, its hatchback variant currently being the key in Europe and now continuing with a current aesthetic without losing its already established values ??of comfort, functionality and great aesthetic appeal. Know more about Subaru ne shitje.

It will arrive in our market in the fall of next year 2022 , although it will be launched at the end of 2021 in the US and China as priority markets for the brand.

For Europe, a single self-rechargeable hybrid motorization of a new concept “ e:HEV” is planned , which is a set developed by Honda with important novelties.

Probably the Civic will also have a high-performance version, Civic Type R type and some body variants that we will get to know over time.

A more elegant and elaborate exterior design

The aesthetics of the new generation is rather an evolution and not a revolution with respect to the current one, maintaining the same proportions, but with cleaner, more elegant, smooth and rounded lines.  It can be seen on the hood, much flatter, although with a front very similar to the current one, incorporating new, very stylized Full-LED headlights (with lying “L”-shaped daytime running lights) that merge with the grille.

The new bumper enlarges its main air intake and shrinks the spaces for the side intakes, incorporating new fog lights.

The rear is quite renewed , with a much more conventional position, it helps a lot to improve its dynamic line, gaining 43 mm in length in its sedan variant, to improve -somewhat- its habitability.

In this way, the new dimensions of the 2022 Civic Sedan, 5 doors are:

HONDA CVIVIC 5P SEDAN 2022length mWidth mHeight mbattle mtrunk liters

Its coupé/sedan style stands out in this 5-door variant, with a tailgate with a smooth horizontal drop, without the spoilers of the current generation and with a subtle piece on its new pilots that are joined by a horizontal strip of LEDs, and some new exhaust outlets with a chrome touch that are integrated into the diffuser.

Laterally, a new very attractive raised rib has been incorporated that starts under the mirrors and extends to the rear lights, new alloy wheels and large front and rear overhangs that express a growth in size (which we know is not such).

Some elements of the car change color depending on the finish, as is the case of the Sport version that incorporates gloss black mirrors and 18-inch wheels in the same colour.

Change of philosophy of the interior

Inside we also find a cleaner and simpler design, but taking a big step forward in terms of digitization and technology with its new 10.2” digital dashboard and a large 7 or 8” central screen that encompasses the infotainment systems. It is compatible with all current mobile systems and with a “Premium” Bosé audio system with 12 outputs in the higher versions.

In terms of safety, it is not far behind with the inclusion of the ” Honda Sensing ” systems that include new, highly improved sensors that allow all types of obstacles and pedestrians to be distinguished on the road and in the car’s surroundings, in addition to:

  • Traffic signal sensor.
  • adaptive cruise control.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • Lane Keeping Assistant.
  • Front collision assistant capable of automatically intervening on the brake to mitigate the consequences of an impact.

Available only with self-charging hybrid drive

Honda has confirmed that it will only make available a new non-plug-in hybrid engine with the well-known e:HEV brand system that combines a 1.5 or 2.0-liter thermal block with an electric motor, thus continuing the strategy already started by the brand in regarding the electrification of its range.

This hybridization is expected to repeat the combination that is already mounted on its HR-V model, with a 1.5 i-VTEC Atkinson cycle gasoline engine that is combined with two electric motors, one of which acts only as a generator, which which would place its total power at 130 CV that is managed with a transmission that may be continuous variable CVT or manual 6 relations , although we are still in the absence of confirmation of these data by the brand.

As far as prices are concerned, at the moment all the values ??are unknown since the launch of the 5-door body is scheduled for the market in autumn 2022 and it is too early for the brand to communicate this sensitive information, although It should be remembered that the current range of the Honda Civic starts at €23,400 in our market.