When talking about what omnichannel in Marketing is, reference is made to that marketing strategy that is characterized by integrating all the communication channels (online and offline) that a company has to reach its potential and current customers : physical store, website, mobile application, social networks, chatbot, etc.

One of the main objectives of omnichannel is to offer a unified, well-structured and consistent user experience , regardless of the way the consumer chooses to interact with the brand.

For this, there are three factors that cannot be missing: all platforms must be connected to each other , a fully updated and optimized database with the information collected through each channel, and the departments involved in the strategy (marketing, sales, etc.) must be aware of it and work in a coordinated manner. 


Although a multichannel strategy and an omnichannel strategy have in common the use of various means to establish contact with the user, the truth is that there are some aspects that distinguish one from the other.

Some of them are:

objectivesOffer different communication / interaction channels to consumers.

Take advantage of the particularities of each channel and maximize its performance.

Offer different communication / interaction channels to consumers.

Optimize the user experience.

Build customer loyalty.

IntegrationEach channel is independent and has its own message / objective / strategy.Continuity between all channels: brand image, message, customer actions (the customer can initiate a purchase on one device and continue or finalize it on another), etc.
ImmediacyThere is usually no immediate response to the customer.Response time is reduced, as long as the channels are well managed.
Personalized experienceMessage segmentation instead of personalization.

The right content is offered to the target audience of each channel.

Personalized user attention.

The messages or promotions that you want to send to the consumer are adapted according to their preferences and needs.


Let’s see now the advantages of implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy:

  • One set stable communication with the user through various channels.
  • unique and flexible customer experience is provided This is due to the fact that information on user behavior is collected in CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) software , thus allowing us to get to know them better and make personalized communications or offers.
  • The level of customer satisfaction is increased , since their needs are met and satisfied.
  • Customer churn rate is reduced .
  • The brand is achieved with greater visibility, thus increasing traffic and sales possibilities.
  • There is a more efficient production management and control of the processes. 


  1. Define the objectives that the company intends to achieve with the omnichannel marketing strategy.
  2. Identify potential customers.
  3. Use data management software that stores consumer information and generates reports that contribute to understanding their interests and behavior patterns.
  4. Design the customer experience map or customer journey map . That is, the different stages that the consumer must go through from the moment the need arises to buy a product or contract a service until they end up becoming a user of the brand.
  5. Determine the channels that will be used to offer content of value to the customer or connect with him, to which should also be added to make the appropriate adaptations or customizations.
  6. Track actions (metrics and results) to assess their effectiveness and see which ones have room for improvement, need to be optimized, or just aren’t working.


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