To make money writing blogs, or articles, it is important to build backlinks to your sites. If you are not familiar, you should familiarize yourself with them. What are backlinks? They are inbound links to your site. These links come from search engines (such as Google), or other sites directly. I’ve decided to personally take more of an interest in developing good backlinks on articles, and I’ve started playing around with them more on my blog (which I should spend more time on). They help out a great deal if you are trying to earn money online. It’s very easy, nothing too complicated about it. It takes work though, and a little tweaking in trying to build solid backlinks to your sites.


  1. Using the comments section. If you have a blog, write for eHow, or any site in general. Just having friends leave comments on a blog, or an article helps build backlinks. Every comment left is a backlink to your site. It’s even better, when someone uses some keywords from the title in their comments. The more comments, the more backlinks you build. The most useful is in the search engines and getting ranked. It is important to use the most important keywords in your title, to help get the best backlinks to your site.
  2. Use the search engine submission. Don’t overlook the power of numerous search engines, and create more backlinks to your site. I use express shipping, which is free and easy. It helps you too, since my articles don’t just target a handful of search engines. You can’t ignore the small search engines as well.
  3. The use of Google search engine optimization. Seo words, directed by Google. You should target Google, especially if you have a Google AdSense account, and you’re making money from your ads. You want to target Google, even if you don’t have one. They are the number one search engine on the web. Lots of traffic and lots of backlinks can be built on your site. Using the right SEO keywords can help you make some money. I try to use my critical ones in the first paragraph, so Google bots pick up on them. Not familiar with SEO keywords, then use Google’s keyword search tool. It will help you see which words get hits each month, and the competition for these words.
  4. Use social bookmarking. Some people swear that they are not useful, however, they are if the use of spending your time on them. If you use one, two, or even three of them it might not make much of a difference. However, the more backlinks, the better! Simply post links to your articles or blogs to more than one site! Use shetoldme to get started, I love this site. It helps you and my traffic and income have gone up because of it. I recently checked out my eHow articles, the ones I’ve submitted. I’ve noticed increased traffic on almost all of them, and the money has increased quite nicely as well.

Use socialmatcher.come to add tons of links, to numerous social bookmarking sites. They have the best, free to submit articles, blogs, and about 50 of them for free. Any social bookmarking site you find, you should try if you are serious about building great backlinks and increasing your online income. I think it’s more important for blogs especially, building tons of backlinks. Because blogs don’t generate traffic for a site like eHow does.

Use the resources section to create links to other work you’ve done. For example, if you write on eHow, and other writing sites as well, they usually allow you to do this. Some don’t, so read their guidelines. Use your resources section to create links to other articles or blogs similar to your topic. A lot of bloggers go to sites and write articles specifically meant for their blog, and then post a direct link to it. It sure helps to use sites like eHow, hubpages, for example, as backlinks to other sites, or work you’ve done. If you are a blogger then you should start considering doing this. Sites like this drive in a lot of traffic, and you can use it to help get traffic going to your blog.