Without a doubt, the main challenge facing an omnichannel strategy is being able to maintain a high quality of service in each of the channels. Today, customers expect companies to know who they are and what they are like. To improve the customer’s business experience, attention must be paid to certain key points when establishing the omnichannel strategy. In this article we want to tell you 4 essential ideas to improve the customer experience in an omnichannel environment.

4 keys to improving the customer’s commercial experience in an omnichannel strategy

Customer centric strategy as the basis of omnichannel strategy

The main objective is to make the customer the center of the strategy: the so-called customer centric formula . The idea is to ensure that the client has a good, personalized and unique commercial experience. Thus, knowing the customer is essential to establish a customer centric strategy:

What is the target customer like?

What is your personality? What is your profile? From your age, place of residence, level of studies or economic position to what are your favorite articles, what kind of articles do you like to read, at what time of day …

What communication channel is preferred by the target customer?

More and more multi-device cases are found. In other words, it is possible that the customer is shopping via mobile while watching television. It is essential to know how to identify the best channel to communicate with the customer and at what time of the day.

What does the customer say about the brand on social networks?

It is interesting to know what conversations exist around the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … And, of course, respond to the comments or doubts that are generated there.

Collect data to improve the trading experience

It is impossible to establish an effective omnichannel strategy to improve the customer business experience without gathering the necessary information to do so. Storing, analyzing and establishing strategies based on the extracted data are key processes (big data and marketing automation are of great help for this).

Give a quick answer

When a customer is on a web page or app to buy an item, they want that “task” to be easy and fast. When a question arises in the middle of the purchase, it is essential to be able to give a quick response so as not to lose the sale.

Sometimes it is difficult to respond instantly on each of the channels. It is precisely omnichannel that makes effectiveness difficult: how to maintain the same level of response on the phone at 10:00 a.m. as via chat at 9:00 p.m. or on social media at 11:00 p.m.?

Taking into account that the client is aware of this difficulty and that they will have more patience in one channel than in another, one of the simplest resources is to create a very complete page of FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers). In this way, the client will be able to resolve the question himself.

Another option, which is gaining more and more popularity among companies with omnichannel strategies, is the use of chatbots . There are many simple questions that, because they are not on the FAQs page or simply for the convenience of the client, it is better to ask them directly to someone from the company that is on the other side. Chatbots are very useful for this, since they respond to these types of questions immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being able to respond massively while reducing costs by automating processes.

Maintain quality across all channels

Many companies use omnichannel strategies based on a specific channel: this way of acting ends up forgetting other channels. It is essential that, when new communication channels are opened with the client, we are sure that we will be able to maintain quality in all of them.

From the physical points of sale, to the app, the website, social networks … The client expects to be recognized in each of the channels and also expects that the commercial experience will be the same or very similar in each of the channels. them. Big data, marketing automation and artificial intelligence are emerging as methods that hold the key to achieving this.

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