Digitization is a fact in the different areas of our lives that is revolutionizing companies in all sectors. Insurers are no strangers to this phenomenon and are focusing their strategy on the omnichannel customer, who today represents a high percentage of policyholders. In this sense, companies in the sector must take into account a series of improvements to optimize the relationship with the client and meet their demands.

Although most insurers have responsive apps and/or websites, this strategy is not bringing them closer to the customer, who hardly downloads or visits them. It is necessary to awaken in the client the need to connect to their insurer, and it will not be possible if they are not offered quality added value. This added value can be established by sending notifications of interesting investments, market news, accumulated savings results, comparisons with other companies, claims management, vehicle inspection reminders, etc.

One of the recommendations to take into account is the need to have a customer vision or customer centricity, which converts single-channel processes into multi-channel ones. In this way, the apps must register the procedures with the call center agents, coordinate the quotes offered by the app and the agent, or that the different interactions that the client has with the company are registered in the app. In this way, it is possible to bring digitalization closer to agents and brokers and allows us the omnichannel relationship of our key commercial networks to achieve success.

Lastly, developing new channels and bringing our products and services closer to the user is basic, but we must avoid information silos in the organization and different strategies by channel to offer a complete service.