New technologies allow us to glimpse what the retail of the future may become. It is a retail designed for the customer that allows them to reduce the time they spend, make the purchase a pleasant moment, that provides them with information and their decisions, that guides them taking into account their buying habits and behaviors, that make personalized promotions… in short, let the retail help and think about the needs of its customers.

If we close our eyes for a moment, we can imagine how new technologies may be capable of launching this retail of the future. On the one hand we can prepare the shopping list at home online and send it to our mobile or do it directly from the mobile. When we arrive at the store we can also make the list in the cart terminals, in case we don’t have it already made. We will pass the shopping list from our mobile to the terminal of the cart by bluetooth and it will accompany us during the tour of the establishment with a GPS system. Knowing the shopping list, the identification of the client if they have swiped their loyalty card or have identified themselves with their mobile, it is not difficult to be able to help our client by indicating the optimal path on the cart screen,

And if we now open our eyes again, we can see that there are currently technologies that allow this imagination to come true. Advances in the area of ??mobile telephony, GPS, predictive models based on data mining, scanning systems, communication and positioning systems… make us think that we will soon see these innovations used by our retailers.

In Germany there is already a retail laboratory of the future where innovation is the main axis of this initiative that is being led by the company Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL).