Christmas is approaching and with it the time to water our interiors with color. Red, ice blue, deep blue, fuchsia, mustard, green… Maisons du Monde offers you a Christmas of a thousand colors! Choose yours, according to your favorite style and your personality. How will you color this end of the year? Express yourself through the decoration of your home and let your imagination run wild for parties in full color! An original centerpiece for Christmas – Learn more of it.

In 2021, Christmas shows its most natural face

Do you want softness, authenticity and a lot of serenity during the holidays? This year the natural tones, soft greens and warm whites are back. Nature makes its way into your home and fills everything! Some bright sparkles so we don’t forget that we are celebrating, wreaths of branches, pinecones and light wood create a cozy and enveloping Christmas. Green-toned blown glass Christmas decorations will fill your tree. For a calm Christmas by the fireplace, bet on the Bohemian collection! 10 decorative Christmas table ideas to whet your appetite for the holidays.

christmas tree decoration ideas 2020

More colorful parties with Neo-kitsch Christmas

If you want to be original this year, introduce the most vivid colors: fuchsia, electric blue, emerald green, gold or mustard yellow. We propose you a crazy, optimistic, recharged and carefree Christmas in a neo-kitsch style. Play to mix and match colors, patterns, motifs and textures. There are no limits! The tableware shows gold details on a green velvet tablecloth, covered in gold and many feathers. An emerald colored blanket and orange cushions will decorate your armchairs and sofas. At the Christmas tree, wild animals rub shoulders with the most striking balls. Everything is fantasy and fun! How to choose a nice Christmas tree? Know more of It.

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Go back to the roots with a traditional Christmas

Totally timeless, moss green and red remain favorites in many homes. They are the original tones of Christmas. Followers of the traditional and vintage always surrender to them. On the menu of this collection we find Santa Claus, green trees, gifts, candy canes and reindeer sleighs. The Advent calendar cannot be absent when December starts, and neither can the gingerbread figures. While you wait by the fireplace, relive your childhood with this sublime and elegant decoration. Wreaths of fir branches, holly, stars and candles decorate surfaces, doors and windows. Pure illusion! Lots of ideas to discover to decorate your home for Christmas.

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Festivities strewn with snowflakes

A magical Christmas will have snow in mind, don’t you think? And what better way to recreate that precious white mantle than by using cool colors like glacier blue and white? Inspired by the North Pole, this Christmas collection uses natural, comforting materials like light wood and plush to add warmth. There is no shortage of bears, flakes and glittering stars on the party table, all on a pretty ivory tablecloth sprinkled with glitter. You can choose some blue napkins and combine candles in various cold shades. Enjoy a polar Christmas as if you lived in Scandinavia!This year, give yourself a party with the colors that best represent you. Beyond the palette you choose, you can make Christmas your own by reusing the decoration of other years and adding your personal touch with some novelties. Make these parties reflect your favorite style or atmosphere. Live a Christmas of a thousand colors with Maisons Du Monde! You just have to choose yours. Are you looking for decoration ideas for your Christmas tree?

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