One of the things that continues to draw my attention to bloggers is the high number of them who do not do SEO, thereby wasting a large part of the potential of their blog.

The most surprising thing is that almost everyone is aware that there is something called SEO and that it is important to appear in Google searches and other search engines.

It is something that saddens me a lot because doing the SEO that you really need is a fairly simple and profitable task .

So nothing better than a quick guide to start doing SEO from scratch and in a very practical way ?

With which I present my new eBook,  SEO for bloggers from scratch.

As I am very aware that you, like me, do not have time to spare, my main objective has been to make a quick and simple guide that goes straight to the point, telling you everything you really need and no more, leaving side unnecessary flourishes.

In fact, in this eBook I tell you everything I do on my own blog , I do nothing more than this and it hasn’t gone bad for me: the blog is quite well positioned and this August it broke the barrier of 3,000 daily organic visits (visits search engines) per month.

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An SEO eBook not just for blogs

On the other hand, although the eBook is titled “SEO for bloggers” and is written with this group in mind, in reality, it can be extrapolated 100% to any web page and the pages of a blog are still simply a web page.

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The chapters of this eBook are as follows:

1. What is SEO?

Here is a brief introduction to the world of SEO , along with some considerations from my own experience and advice on things I have learned over the years.

A small reference is also made to the concepts of White Hat SEO (SEO considered correct by search engines) and Black Hat SEO (SEO that seeks to deceive search engines and for this reason is dangerous).

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2. SEO basics

This chapter lays the groundwork for you to know what you need to know to do a good SEO job.

We talk about things like the relevance of content for a given search, the concept of page and domain authority , niches, conversions, the long tail of SEO , the concept of competition  in web positioning, etc.

Within all these concepts, apart from the optimization of the content itself, I focus especially on learning to identify interesting niches for your blog and your content , taking advantage of the long tail phenomenon and how to evaluate the level of competition in these niches.

In this way you will learn to estimate your chances of positioning yourself in the first positions (which are the ones that really bring clicks) or if it is more worthwhile to look for an alternative niche with fewer searches, but less competition and with it a better positioning potential and , in short, more clicks.

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3. How to do SEO

Here you will learn the details of how SEO On Page is done (the SEO to optimize the page itself) and SEO Off Page (the SEO that focuses on external factors, mainly links).

I will also tell you my favorite techniques to get the much desired links and also what you should not do .

In addition, you will learn another of the things that very few people know how to do: how to properly monitor your web positioning using the appropriate (free) tools.

4. Checklists to optimize your website step by step

If you want to get the most out of SEO, you need organization to avoid things like, for example, stepping on yourself with content that points to the same searches.

In this chapter you will learn how to create a keyword strategy and how to reconcile it with your content so that the creation of your content remains natural and not vitiated by the desire to position them, a mistake that many people make when they start to obsess with SEO. .

I will give you a checklist for the overall strategy and another that you can follow content by content as you create them. This way you will make sure not to skip any important step in optimizing your content.

5. Tools to do SEO

It is impossible to do SEO without the right tools. The good news is that practically everything important can be done with free tools . This does not mean that payment tools do not make sense, but it does mean that you do not necessarily need them.

Here I present them to you, and with what you have learned in this eBook and a little filming, you yourself will have sufficient criteria to assess to what extent you can compensate or not also acquire some paid tool to advance your SEO work.

6. References and further reading

And of course, in the book I also include a series of references such as the most important blogs and magazines specialized in SEO from which you can continue to delve into everything you want on this subject if you so wish.

Final comments on this book

A final comment I want to make is that here I will only talk about white hat principles , that is, those techniques that Google and other search engines see favorably and that, therefore, do not entail the risk of being penalized .

It is not so much a matter of ethical considerations, but the simple fact that Google is fighting intensely against the techniques used to deceive the search engine (“Black Hat SEO”) and it is dangerous terrain if you are not a true SEO expert. That is, it is very easy for us to burn your fingers if you get into these issues.

In fact, many of the websites that used “Black Hat” techniques have fallen like bedbugs once Google “caught” them and penalized them, in some cases even making them practically invisible in the search engine. So better not play it with this…

And this is it: I encourage you to download the book, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours to read it and I really believe that in practice you don’t need to know much more to get almost 100% of your blog.

As always, I await your feedback in order to know your impressions and improve the book with your comments, which are very welcome.

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I hope you enjoy it ?

And, finally, I also want to make a special mention to the people who, with their feedback on the draft version of the eBook that I sent to the subscribers of our mailing list, have given me a great cable in the correction of the book. In that sense, my special thanks to:

    • To Noemy , Eduardo Andrés , and  Luis  for selflessly sending me a version with spelling corrections
  • And to Javier Gosende for his invaluable tool suggestions and  Natan Valencia  for his remarks on some details of SEO On Page techniques.