Dear reader,

With the new year just beginning, the illusions we put forward to face new challenges and projects are great. Although the shadow of a crisis that does not seem to want to go away continues to hang over us, we are witnessing the imagination and audacity of some professionals to identify and develop businesses with potential, which will lead us not only to recovery, but also to takeoff towards leadership.

Personal Banking is one of them. The data speaks for itself: the number of customers in this segment has experienced sustained growth of 15% in recent years. In an economic environment full of uncertainty, the source of income and liquidity that it entails has led to an investment in the development of capabilities to efficiently manage this customer segment, which currently has a volume of more than 2.2 million users.

This is the reason why we have opted to make Personal Banking the protagonist of our third issue. In the article “Personal Banking: development of skills to manage diamonds in the rough”, which you can find in the El Desperador section, we analyze this segment in depth and give you the keys to customer management to achieve improvements of over 20% in the income statement and a very positive impact on the loyalty of Personal Banking customers.

Also in this special issue of Personal Banking, we highlight BBVA Banca Privada in our La Ducha section as a success story, a brand under which the BBVA Banca Personal and BBVA Patrimonios units are combined, following the awards given to the financial institution for the prestigious magazines Euromoney and The Banker.

In the Breakfast section we recommend some new and interesting books on private banking for your leisure time, such as “Private Banking and wealth management: customer segmentation a way for selecting, getting and keeping customers” and “Private Banking in Asia: strategies for success in the world’s fastest growing markets”.

Finally, in the section “The Farewell” we have included, among other content, a report prepared by Cognodata in which the role of the commercial network in customer management is analyzed. We believe that the personal banking network, in order to increase its effectiveness, should incorporate some of the practices that have been successfully proven in managing the mass market.