Dear reader,

In an environment still marked by financial instability, we have reached the last months of 2011; a period in which the crisis has been, after the second consecutive year, the great protagonist in a context where the war on deposits, the greater provisions and the difficult access to capital have been its faithful companions in battle.

All in all, there are many experts who are beginning to see the first signs of recovery of our financial system in the current process of consolidation, restructuring and transformation of the Spanish banking system. In this way, 2012 appears on the horizon as the year in which new post-crisis scenarios are drawn with hope that will mark the beginning of the Spanish recovery thanks to the efforts of banks and savings banks to adapt to them.

In short, Spanish banking in 2012 will have a smaller number of entities with a greater volume of resources, cost control and a permanent focus on operational excellence and a business model based on knowing the client and personalizing its services. And it is precisely in this new customer orientation where the key to survival and, without a doubt, to success in order to improve their competitive positions is found.

For this reason, this new issue of our newsletter focuses on corporate segmentation and segmented customer management, a very useful tool because it not only manages to improve the rate of acquisition, linkage and loyalty, but also directs commercial capacity where there is greater return on customer value.

In this way, in the section  The Alarm Clock  you can find the article  “Strategic segmentation and segmented commercial management. Mind the gap”  in which we analyze in depth the level of development of this management tool in financial institutions, as well as the main trends and critical success factors. I also encourage you to view  the video Corporate Segmentation in Banking  that complements the article.

Continuing with this new approach that supposes making the client the axis of action of strategic management, I advise you to read the interview collected in  the La Ducha section with Sergio Escorial, Director of Private Clients and Commercial Strategy of Deutsche Bank Spain,  a financial entity that thanks to its proper management of clients has managed to remain one of the strongest in Europe despite the current unfavorable environment.

New ways of managing through segmentation that require a prior study, both of the business model and of the clients that comprise it. Thus, if you want to know the main keys, I encourage you to read in our Breakfast section  the book “Market Segmentation Success: Making It Happen!,  where you can discover how to create market segments, how to select which customers to target, what are the problems they encounter and how to overcome these challenges to achieve success in their segmentations.

To finish, I recommend that you consult in the Farewell section the study published by  Cognodata Consulting: Corporate segmentation and segmented marketing plan in banking,  in which, together with 35 financial entities, we put real figures on the table about what this tool he is giving of himself in practice.