Dear reader,

The efficiency of Spanish banking has been a banner that we have always raised with pride, but the truth is that those times have passed. We must therefore direct our efforts not towards a mere cost reduction, but towards a real improvement in productivity, a new way of doing things more and better, in less time and with fewer resources.

Organizations need to simplify their processes and structures, convert many of their fixed costs into variables, and automate their operations. It is true that almost all banks, to a greater or lesser extent, have started a cost rationalization program, but there is still a long way to go to achieve the operational excellence that Spanish banking needs.

For all these reasons, we have decided to focus the content of the seventh issue of our corporate newsletter Wake up! in How to Increase Business Productivity. In this sense, in the section of The Alarm Clock we address how entities can obtain improvements in commercial productivity of between 25% and 35% through the use of analytics. The approach that we present to you combines the direction of commercial efforts to the best opportunities, differentiating the commercial approach by segment and motivating the action of managers through the effective change of attitudes. All of this by acting on six fundamental levers: customer and commercial intelligence, tools and processes, relationship protocols and segmented offers, incentives,

How to get sales teams to sell more and better, both conceptually and empirically, is the main topic of the book “Sales Force Performance and Effectiveness: An Empirical Study” by expert sales speaker F. Javier Fuentes Merino and of which we offer you a synopsis in the section of The Breakfast.

Also of great interest, the study Does the bank branch network have a future? which you can find in the Farewell section, prepared by the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles and directed by Juan Elorduy Mota, Senior Advisor at Cognodata Consulting and professor of the Institute’s Executive Master in Management of Financial Entities. The study concludes that Spain would have to close 10 bank branches a day for three years to leave the network at a size that ranges between 25,000 and 30,000 branches. Exercise, which would mean the elimination of a surplus of 41,460 employees, that is, 16% of the total.

Finally, in the Agenda section, we invite you to attend the event organized by EFMA Customer Intelligence and CRM, which will take place in Paris on October 25 and 26, in which such suggestive topics for banking as segmentation will be addressed. , predictive analysis, improving customer engagement, exploiting the data obtained through the digital channel or the role of social media in the CRM strategy.

I hope that the theme chosen for this issue makes you reflect on the importance of improving commercial productivity to guarantee the growth of your entity and guides you in designing the commercial strategies of your business model.