Dear reader,

A new issue of our newsletter for the retail sector arrives full of new, but above all, visionary content. And it is that the field of retail is one of the most groundbreaking and leading in terms of the application of the most innovative Marketing techniques: consumers are currently exposed to millions of stimuli that seek to capture their attention first and then his fidelity. For this reason, consumers have also refined their preferences, their buying habits have changed and their behavior is evolving towards a more specialized and selective consumption every day.

That is why in our seventh issue we place special emphasis in our “The Alarm Clock” section on the importance that new technologies will have in the not-so-distant future, to achieve a retail that helps and thinks about the needs of its customers. customers. We are talking about real technologies that are within the reach of all retailers, such as mobile telephony, geopositioning, predictive models based on data mining, scanning systems, communications… Technologies that will make it possible for us to talk about doing the buy from your mobile, pass the shopping list through blueetooh to a terminal located in the supermarket cart or find out the characteristics of the products with a simple scan. In short, a reflection on the retail of the future that deserves to be taken into account.

An example of the change that is taking place in the sector can be found in the “The shower” section, where we have prepared an interesting report on a new purchasing model that our customers can use, a shopping portal that allows the consumer compare supermarket prices online and optimize their shopping cart. In this way, the user only has to select the category of food that he wishes to acquire and the portal compares the products present in the aisles of all the supermarkets that operate online in his postal code, checks their prices and characteristics and finally the consumer chooses the one he prefers. Quite an intelligent buyer who checks the shopping list and even suggests changes by applying offers that can translate into savings for the consumer.

Our “Breakfast” section also revolves around innovation and the interest of retailers in reaching the essence of the consumer. Therefore, among others, we would like to recommend these original books:

  •  “Shopper Marketing”, one of the hottest trends in current Marketing, the book focuses on the experiences that consumers have in the store while making purchases, the reactions they have to promotions and the disposition of the customers themselves. products. All this based on the real perspectives of 35 experts in shopper Marketing.
  •  “Inside the mind of the shopper”, a complete study on the way in which consumers behave in the supermarket. The author provides all the keys on purchasing behavior extracted from an investigation in which a novel system has been used to track the paths of carts in supermarket aisles and the exact points and times at which consumers set their attention, from crystals that recorded all his

Interesting concepts that I am sure will dot some of the events that we review in our “The Agenda” section, among which we recommend the Mass Consumption Meeting, organized by Alimarket on March 10, and the XXVI Conference on Commercial Distribution, which will be held in Madrid between April 6 and 7. Outside our borders, at an international level we highlight the World Congress 2011, in New York from August 30 to September 3.