In recent years, banking entities have made an effort to build a commercial organization equipped with a powerful marketing campaign factory with a clear customer orientation. For this reason, in this issue of our traditional newsletter Wake up!, we wanted to focus our attention on optimizing the management of marketing campaigns in financial institutions, as a key to improving results.

In our section The Alarm Clock you will find our article on how to increase commercial productivity by optimizing campaign management. Increasing the number of managed campaigns allows entities to focus more on those current or potential clients in which there is a greater probability of success and, therefore, improve sales between 50 and 100%.

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In our The Shower section you can read the article we have prepared on BBVA’s Customer Centric model. A couple of years ago, BBVA completely rethought the relationship it had with its customers: what services they requested and how they wanted to receive them were the basis for a plan in which the customer was placed at the center of the business (Customer Centric). The conclusion they reached was that the model that had been maintained in banking until now (branches where services are provided and a website where different operations can be carried out) was not sufficient for a high percentage of respondents. So they got down to work to develop an innovative relationship model.

In the Breakfast section, we recommend the book How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing by author Lee Orden. Optimize offers a proven approach to designing a customer-oriented online marketing strategy, incorporating the best tactics for search engine optimization, social media, and content marketing.

In the Agenda section, we invite you to attend the Distribution Week event organized by EFMA, which will take place from May 28 to 30 in Brussels. The “Distribution Week” allows retail banking and leading insurers to take a fresh and renewed view of how distribution channels can be the key to achieving excellence in the areas of customer service, marketing and sales.

Lastly, in the Farewell section, you can access the executive summary of the Cognodata study “Campaign management in financial institutions”, which highlights the importance of banks having commercial alarm systems, carrying out a systematized measurement with a continuous improvement approach and finally, implement a multi-channel management strategy, to optimize the management of your marketing campaigns.

I hope that this new issue of our newsletter will inspire you in designing your customer strategy for the year that has just begun.