ninjala is one of the best free games on Nintendo Switch these days, and the colorful title has increased the fan base. In fact, the GungHo Online Entertainment team went so far as to create an anime for their fans, and the audience was curious to see how the adaptation would work. And now, ninjala is preparing to broadcast her show on YouTube for a limited time.

Earlier today, GungHo Online Entertainment shared the great news with fans about ninjala is the anime.The first episode will debut tonight around 7:00 pm PST, and Youtube will host the premiere for a week. You can check the PlayNinjala Channel to stream the episode once it’s live, and each subsequent episode will have the same broadcast schedule.

Currently, ninjala will release new episodes every Thursday. For those who log in through the video game, they will also get special rewards for watching the anime. You can receive up to 200 Gumball Machine Coins by watching ninjala the first four episodes. So if I were you, I’d make sure to connect!

As for its first episode, v will kick off with an action-packed premiere that will introduce its heroes and their world. You can check out the official synopsis for the first episode below for more details:

Researchers from the World Ninja Association (WNA) eventually developed Ninja-Gum, a mysterious substance that draws power from Shinobi. Action Gum fights in a tournament designed to find the strongest Shinobi, however the plots involve Ninja-Gum and unknown beings. are happening behind the scenes.