Console reviews and new model launches are very common these days, a practice that in the case of Nintendo switch OLED has been especially popular among its laptops since the days of the Game Boy. Thanks to this, we players gain purchase options to decide which version of the platform we want best suits our needs. An economic model that is committed to reducing costs in exchange for sacrificing functions or making materials cheaper can give the opportunity to get a console to many of those who suffer to reach the end of the month and save, while a revision that considerably improves what is seen in the original version of the machine can encourage the most demanding to get hold of it or even those who already have it to check out again if their novelties are attractive enough to justify their purchase.

In the four and a half years that Nintendo Switch has been with us, we have already received a battery-augmented version of its original model and Nintendo Switch Game Lite, a much cheaper edition of the hybrid focused solely and exclusively on portable gaming. Now we also have to welcome you to Nintendo Switch OLED a new review of this successful console that we have fully enjoyed in the Vandal writing during the last week and that today we are going to analyze to tell you what we think about it. Further more, you may also check Nintendo Switch OLX.

The Importance Of A Good Screen – Nintendo Switch OLED

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So, let’s start with what is, without a doubt, its main selling point: its new screen. The LCD screens of the rest of the models have been replaced by a new OLED type that, in addition, is also larger and has a size of 7 inches (that of the standard version is only 6.2 inches). Best of all, this has been achieved without the need to make the machine bigger, since Nintendo has resorted to attacking the black edges that the original model had to more efficiently take advantage of the surface that was left unused. Being picky, the reality is that the machine is slightly longer on the sides and a little heavier, but the difference is negligible when playing or transporting it. Today the difference between LCD and OLED is gigantic and it is something that we have noticed from the moment we turned on the console: much purer and brighter colors, better lighting, better contrasts, real blacks instead of tones. grayish tones and even fewer problems with reflections (playing outdoors in bright sunlight conditions is still far from ideal, but is now a more viable option). In other words, the quality of the image has gained a lot and the larger screen size is also something to be appreciated, although we are advising you that its maximum resolution is still 720p. To know more about Nintendo switch lite price in Pakistan, you may also Google it.

One dock with a Serial Ethernet Port

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The dock has also received slight tweaks, such as a somewhat more stylized design (its white version seems to us as beautiful as it is elegant) and with a hole to remove the cables in a better way, although the great novelty here is in the introduction of an Ethernet port which will allow us to connect the console to the internet by cable without the need to resort to a USB adapter, something that should help reduce the number players over Wi-Fi in online games if this review is successful. Of course, in exchange, the rear USB port of the console has been sacrificed.

Memory and Hardware Overview

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Finally, when it comes to the interior of the console we have good and “bad” news. Starting with the positive, it should be noted that the internal storage memory has been increased from 32 GB to 64 GB, a figure that, honestly, still seems somewhat scarce, but that gives us double the margin compared to other models, something that it is always welcome and more in an industry that every day tends more towards digital. Comparison between the Nintendo Switch OLED (lower part of the photo), the standard model of the Nintendo Switch (middle part), and the Nintendo Switch Games Lite (upper part).

On the other hand, the “negative” part is that the hardware remains exactly the same. That is, if you were expecting better features or an extra power that would help the performance of the games improve in some way, we are afraid that you are going to be disappointed. We are not going to enter into the debate of whether Switch currently needs a “pro” version or not, but you must be clear that if you get this edition of the hybrid the titles will work exactly the same as in the rest of the models. Finally, we have to emphasize that it is compatible with all existing accessories of the console and that no new Joy-Con has been launched to solve your current problems.


As you can see, Nintendo Switch OLED has left us very satisfied thanks to the fantastic screen that it boasts, although other improvements such as its optimized audio and its new rear support also end up making a difference, thus making this model the option of ideal purchase for anyone who does not yet have the hybrid and wants to get one. Yes, it costs 50 euros more than the standard model, but we believe that it is an extra outlay that is worth it as long as you plan to take advantage of its portable capabilities, where they really are and the differences are noticeable. More reviews on different topics by Shaz Vlog.

What is clear is that the games look luxurious in this new review and that there is a real and tangible difference in the image quality that you get when playing on a laptop, something that many titles benefit from and that makes Nintendo Switch OLED the best version of the console that can currently be found on the market.