One of the next film installments of the famous galactic saga scheduled for 2023 falls off the calendar due to the director’s schedule problems.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron , one of the new films in such a famous film saga, is delayed indefinitely despite being one of the most advanced new Star Wars projects . This is exclusively collected by The Hollywood Reporter medium , pointing to problems with the agenda of its director , Patty Jenkins , who is also preparing both Wonder Woman 3 and an upcoming film based on Cleopatra , also with Gal Gadot as the protagonist.

Rogue Squadron film project delayed

And it is that after being announced last December as part of the ambitious Star Wars project plan for the next few years and scheduled for 2023 with a start of filming in early 2022, finally Star Wars: Rogue Squadron falls from the calendar of upcoming Star Wars releases; Of course, at no time is there talk of cancellation, but it will no longer hit theaters in 2023. All this, presumably, due to schedule problems of its director, who is preparing two other films with actress Gal Gadot and apparently they would have preference by contract.

Let us remember that Patty Jenkins herself together with writer Matthew Robinson have been developing the film during the last year after confirming itself as one of the great announcements of the past Disney Investor Day of 2020. A story that would narrate the adventures of a group of intrepid rebel pilots on a journey that would expand the Star Wars universe to new heights never seen before.

We’ll see if Star Wars: Rogue Squadron finally hits theaters in 2024 or goes further in the future Star Wars release schedule.

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