A selection of video games to have a great time that use elements such as stealth, exploration or puzzles to cause panic.

The horror genre in video games has been scaring the most daring (or foolish) gamers for decades who seek terrifying experiences that provoke all kinds of emotions in them, from the impact of jumpscares to the tension of claustrophobic environments. Many are the sagas that have been maintained over the years and that have been consolidated with deliveries to remember, although in recent times a very particular way of understanding fear has gained popularity, with games like Five Nights at Freddy’s becoming in authentic viral hits that bet on oppressive atmospheres, moving away from the action. Now, a new contender arrives with Poppy Playtime , the trendy horror gamethat everyone talks about and in which we must use ingenuity and exploration to get out of a toy factory with some very bad tenants. For this reason, we want to offer you a selection of titles that move away from direct confrontation and opt for stealth, puzzles and other mechanics to tackle terror in a less conventional way .

Five nights at freddy’s

We started with the game that started the viral horror craze with Five Nights at Freddy’s , an independent game that became the title that every fan of the genre should try. The proposal, without a doubt, was unique. We are a security guard who must take care of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant throughout the night. What seem like boring and lonely night rounds quickly turn into homicidal nightmares . And it is that from the “security” of the office we must avoid that the animatronics of the premises, which acquire a life of their own at night, come to our room to assassinate us. With the help of security cameras and low energy that keeps the doors closed, our objective will be to arrive at dawn alive.

Bendy and the ink machine

The peculiar proposal of Joey Drew Studios Inc. plunges us into a nightmare of exploration and puzzles marked by the nostalgia of the classic animation cinema of the 30s. With an oppressive and claustrophobic setting, we will have to use stealth and the occasional confrontation to survive the threat of beings made of ink. All this as part of an allegory that aims to criticize work addiction and unleashed ambition that can lead to extreme situations. With a development divided into chapters, the narrative tries to surprise the player through an ever-increasing tension and interest .

Among the sleep

In Among the Sleep, a first-person horror adventure, we play a small boy of barely two years old who is desperately searching for his mother after waking up in the middle of the night to gloomy sounds. All this through a development marked by exploration and a truly oppressive environment, feeling completely defenseless through the eyes and trembling legs of a baby. In addition, the game deals with serious and adult themes that will get us excited, all with the aim of offering the player new ways of approaching horror.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia has been tormenting locals and strangers for more than a decade with its different installments; and it is that Frictional Games launched Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2010 after success with survival horror series Penumbra , throwing the market several sequels to reach the most recent , Amnesia: Rebirth. A new descent into madness through a narrative proposal that offers two aspects at the gameplay level: one more focused on terror and another focused on history. Be that as it may, this time we are Tasi Trianon, who suddenly wakes up in the desert of Algeria without knowing how she got there. We will have no choice but to try to recover the fragments of our past while avoiding the horror that tries to devour us. how to play Poppy Playtime and where to download it on PC and price.

Layers of Fear

We close our compilation of a horror game with an oppressive setting and that bet on original mechanics with one of the most celebrated works of Bloober Team , the team responsible for other thriller-themed titles such as Observer or The Medium , among others. It is a first-person horror adventure that plunges us into the madness of a painter tormented by a family drama. We will travel through his memories in a dreamlike way with the painting and his mansion as the most bizarre and surprising settings, with environments that will literally transform as we pass, giving rise to unique situations.