With Neo G9, Samsung Odyssey touches the ceiling in its excellent range of monitors designed for all types of users.

Samsung has been an essential brand for years to enjoy the world of video games. A pioneer in LED and QLED televisions , its foray into the world of monitors is even more precise and outstanding if possible in the gaming world. The company has been able to read and interpret how the market moves and how the consumption and gaming of competitive titles linked to esports is growing and how, more and more, young people are betting on the monitor as their interlocutor with the video game. For this reason, Gaming Odyssey monitors have long been adapting to all types of gamer with a clear philosophy: to offer the best possible experience with the Neo G9 monitor as the jewel in the crown.

Realism, performance, precision and design: hallmarks

Samsung‘s line of monitors sets standards for its entire range that always starts from excellence. The immersion achieved with Quantum HDR 2000, with peak brightness of 2,000 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 and 125% RGB gamut , colors shine in their own light, surgically detailing all shadow details, burned scenes and any play of light. What our eyes see is what we would see off-screen. All this thanks to the Quantum Mini Leds that control the brightness and contrast to perfection by the Quantum Matrix technology. Marvels Eternals critical and A unique puzzle in search of new horizons.

samsung odyssey neo 9

Naturally, the user who wants a monitor wants the best possible performance. And the Samsung Oddyseys have a refresh rate of up to 240hz with a gray-to-gray response time of 1ms, with ultra-smooth G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro so there is no problem with fluidity on the screen and all with a tremendously low latency. Immediacy and fidelity are non-negotiable in this range of monitors, its design with a DQHD screen, whether panoramic or curved, puts the focus on the action and achieves a perfect fit on and off the screen with its cutting-edge design.

Play how you play, Samsung has a monitor for you

Is a monitor with these characteristics too presumptuous for a new gamer? Not at all. On the contrary, the standard functions of the Odyssey range are designed so that the first experience with a video game is perfect. As it should be required. Not a competitive gamer and console 30 or 60fps is enough? Sure, but the widescreen display and the monitor’s high definition, contrast, and HDR breathe new life into our adventures. Do you compete to win? Nothing can serve as an excuse to achieve victory. And here comes 240hz, FreeSync, G-Sync and ultra-low lag. And if simply playing is an experience with its rites and traditions, the best thing is to have something that allows you to enjoy your moment like nobody else. And all this is offered by Odyssey.

The king of gaming: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

The Neo G9 monitor shines in its own light, the most powerful of the Odyssey range that has no competitor in terms of image quality, performance and design. 1ms response, 240hz refresh rate, compatible with G-Sync, up to 49 inches Dual QHD, Quantum Matrix Tech, HDR 2000 and 125% sRGB, with HDMI 2.1 therefore compatible with new generation consoles – which accept for first time 120hz- and much more.

neo 9 samsung odyssey

A monitor for, plain and simple, serious gaming. With USB hub, headphone connection, perfect for streaming thanks to its panoramic format and, incidentally, ideal for working and organizing all our tasks, windows and more on a single screen. Its width allows to have the capacity of two QHD monitors together thanks to the 512×1440. Do you want more? The accompanying core lighting around the monitor, unifying the colors of the game and the exterior in a unique experience. And everything, plug and play. Connect and enjoy.

Other Odyssey Monitors

odyssey g9

Samsung Odyssey G9. Curved monitor with a super sharp image and a central lighting design, which maintains the main features of the range and stands out for the Display HDR 1000 and HDR 10+ compatible not only on PCs, but also on consoles. An ideal choice for the competitive gamer.

samsung odyssey g7

Samsung Odyssey G7. With different models available within this range, the G75T stands out above all for its QLED technology with a full range of colors and realistic screen brightness in its 32 and 27-inch models, curved design for easy immersion, HDR 600 and 2560×1440 of resolution. A proposal for the most off-road player.

samsung odyssey g5


Samsung Odyssey G5 (32 and 27 inches). Optimal curvature design with WQHD resolution seeking maximum sharpness and detail in its 2560×1440 resolution, with a refresh rate of up to 144hz and HDR10, compatible with VRR (something Xbox users will appreciate as it improves latency even more) and FreeSync Premium. Designed for a more general player and console player.

samsung odyssey g3

Samsung Odyssey G3 (27 and 24 inches). We close the recommendations with a 144hz refresh rate monitor, capable of eliminating lag and motion blur, 1920×1080 resolution and all the characteristics of the low latency range, good work on sharpness and brightness, etc. A proposal so that the most casual player does not lose detail in their games.