The United Nations has chosen December ‘s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to be number 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).

For what reason?

During this month there are several international days that are based on human rights, such as International Migrants Day, that of people with disabilities or Human Rights Day. In addition, also in December, the Global Humanitarian Outlook for 2022 and the report on migrations 2022 are published.

Conflicts, lack of security and access to justice continue to be a threat to sustainable development, according to the latest data recorded by the UN, in 2018 70 million people had to flee their homes to escape a conflict situation. To successfully achieve the goals set by the 2030 Agenda, governments need to be supported by effective and inclusive institutions that provide education, health care, a fair economic system and protection for the environment.

Goals of SDG number 16

Some of the goals for which SDG 16 works are:

  • Reduce all forms of violence and related mortality rates.
  • End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violenceand torture against children.
  • Promote the rule of law and guarantee equal access to justice for all.
  • Reduce corruption and bribery in all its forms.
  • Provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.

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