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The contents of a website can become an important positioning factor if they are worked through SEO writing. You  can hire us for your website writing.

Throughout the years that I have been in the world of SEO, I have been able to verify how applying certain actions to the writing of content can position a page .

Of course, I am not going to deceive you: you need to have some basic notions of SEO to be able to understand how this method works, although it is not necessary that you delve into it or that you know too technical details about it.

Continuous practice and effort will make you gradually master this way of writing and will allow you to increase the value of your content.

Go for it!

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Why is it useful to know SEO Writing?

The first thing I would like to explain is what exactly we mean by SEO copywriting.

SEO writing is the writing of positioning-oriented content, that is, while you write you have that goal in mind, apart from the usual ones of offering information, selling a product, promoting a service…

That is why it is also important that you distinguish SEO writing from Copywriting.

  • SEO writing seeks to position
  • Copywriting seeks to persuade.

And when you combine both techniques, you get really powerful texts. But we will talk about that later.

The main benefit of SEO copywriting is that it allows you to write texts with which to position yourself in Google and other search engines, so if you master this technique, you will gain a great advantage over your competitors .

This also means that, if you dedicate yourself professionally to writing content or are on the way to making it your way of life, you can offer a plus in your texts thanks to SEO writing and, therefore, charge more.

SEO writing is a small step up from the usual content writing and that is why it is increasingly being valued in professional environments and also by webmasters looking for someone to write the texts for their website.

However, before you get there, you will have to practice and check that you are really capable of writing texts that position themselves through SEO copywriting.

What I mean, reader, is that you cannot “become” an SEO writer overnight, but you will have to apply different techniques, practice and measure results in order to present yourself as such.

I myself have written and practiced for years to learn everything I know now, because at that time we writers did not have information as accessible as what exists today.

Let’s see what are the steps you must follow to write texts that position.

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Step by step in SEO copywriting

Before I begin to explain to you which path you should follow, I must insist that you do not need to be an SEO expert to apply these steps.

You just have to understand some basic concepts and apply them to the writing in the way that I am going to tell you so that you orient your content towards SEO and begin to position yourself.

When I started to take my first steps as an editor, I would have liked to have had an SEO writing course to have learned these factors from the first moment.

Not only would it have allowed me to charge more for my services, but my first texts would have gained visibility.

For this reason, I want to share with you in this post the main things you should know to get involved in SEO writing and help you improve your texts.

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Research the Keywords

Every SEO action should start with a keyword research and in the field of SEO writing it is also like that. It consists of doing a keyword search to know where you are going to direct your text.

To do this, you just have to use your usual tool to analyze keywords, enter the keyword of your interest and take note of the results.

You do not have to use absolutely all the keywords that the tool suggests: choose those that are related to the content that you are going to write and also look at those that have a certain search volume.

Pay special attention to long tail keywords , that is, keywords made up of a minimum of three words.

Although you will find that they have a lower search volume in most cases, they are also easier to rank for because there is less competition.

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For example, if you try to position texts using the keyword “small dogs” you will have more difficulties than if you go for “small short-haired dogs”, for example. What is WooCommerce, what is it for and how does it work.

Once you have your list of keywords, you should include them in the text but without abusing them, as this would make the text unnatural, something that the reader will perceive and that could make them leave the page.

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Confirm search intent

This is the point that you have to be clear from the start: what is the user looking for?

Your job is to offer him what he wants and for that you have to be sure of what it is.

Although it may seem obvious, it is easier than you think to deviate from what the user is really demanding.

One way to detect what the user wants is to ask the reason for their search. Do you want information? Do you need to buy something? Are you looking for something very specific?

Beware, reader! Looking for information about different types of sunglasses is not the same as looking for where to buy sunglasses.

Although both searches focus on sunglasses, the user’s intention is not the same.

There are five types of search intent :

  • Informative . The user searches for information about a topic. For example, what do rats eat, what is polyester made of, what year did a war start…
  • Navigational . The user knows which website they want to go to but prefers to Google the name instead of typing the URL. For example, search for “Zara shirts” in Google to click on the URL in the search results.
  • Commercial . The user is thinking of buying something but needs information about it. For example, what are the best tennis rackets, the best hairdresser in Valladolid, comparisons between brands of moisturizing cream…
  • Transactional . The user already knows what he wants to buy so he searches for it directly with that intention in mind. Their searches are “buy turtleneck sweater”, “price leather shoes”, “cheap soccer balls”…
  • local . The user is looking for a specific geographical site. For example, he wants to know how to get to a certain place or the street where a restaurant or any business is located.

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You should not mix different search intentions in the same content because Google will not know how to catalog it and you will not be able to position that text correctly.

That is why it is so important to learn to distinguish what the user intends to obtain with his search.

For example, if the search intention is “what does the African lion eat” it does not make much sense that in that content you explain the customs of the African lion, even if among them you talk about what it eats.

You can also orient yourself thanks to Google search results.

After entering the keyword you will see which websites the search engine is positioning: those are the ones that, at least in principle, are satisfying the search intention.

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Focus on offering the user what he is looking for and he will not have to go to other sites .

Elaborate the structure of the post

A well-structured text is a text that is well understood and comfortable to read.

In addition, creating an adequate structure for your content will help the user to know at a glance what they are going to find and will also be a guide for Google robots.

This will favor the positioning of your content as long as you execute it in the correct way.

In general, the structure of a post is elaborated using the titles or headings H1, H2 and H3 , although if the text requires it, you can place even more levels below.

These titles follow a hierarchy that you must respect as you structure your text .

That is, if you put as H2 “ Parts of a car engine ”, it would be logical if you put these different parts as H3, for example.

You must include the keyword in the H1 , since it is the main heading of your content, and for the same reason it must clearly reflect the search intent.

Later, you can add the keyword once more in the rest of the headings but without abusing it and always maintaining the naturalness.

Make sure that words with a semantic relationship to the topic you are writing about and also synonyms of the main keyword appear in those headings.

Check semantics, grammar and spelling

It is essential that your text has perfect grammar and spelling. You may be wondering what this has to do with SEO.

Well, the user experience is directly related to SEO .

If a user comes across sloppy content with misspellings and grammatical errors, they will most likely not return.

Google will notice this and will make you lower positions little by little since it will interpret that your content is not to the liking of users.

Being an editor, the safest thing is that you do not usually make spelling mistakes and that you take care of your grammar, but even so, I recommend you review your content more than once before considering it finished.

Typographical errors are very frequent, especially when writing quickly, and also, some are not detected by the proofreaders of word processors, which you cannot trust 100% either.

Trust me – a single mistake missed by rushing through reviewing or even not reviewing can cost you a client and a dent in your reputation as an SEO copywriter.

As for semantics, use it to be able to offer a text with a rich vocabulary to your users and also so that Google has a context of your content.

The search engine is capable of recognizing groups of words related to the same topic, so the more varied the semantics of your texts, the better it will understand their meaning.

In other words, if you are writing content around the keyword “ chocolate cake recipe ”, it is normal for terms related to it to appear in it , such as, in this case, chocolate, flour, eggs, sugar, melt the chocolate, decorate cake etc…

Improve the visual aspect with the layout

Here I again emphasize the user experience. If you present a text that is too dense, with long paragraphs, without featured content of any kind…

Most likely, it will go to another website.

In fact, you just have to put yourself in the user’s shoes to fully understand this step.

What do you do when you land on a website with endless paragraphs of plain text, no images, no space, absolutely nothing but a bunch of words?

Yes, 99% of the time you will leave to find the information you wanted somewhere else where it is presented to you in a more affordable and attractive way.

I leave you some layout elements that you should use to improve the appearance of your text:

  • Table of Contents. It is an initial index generated automatically based on your headers and includes a direct link to each of them.
  • Bold to highlight important concepts or phrases. They will allow that when the user makes a first visual sweep of the text, his eyes will stop at the words that will tell him what the text is about and if it is what he is looking for.
  • Lists . When it comes to listing elements or explaining a process, for example, it uses lists so that the user has the information in order and can understand it faster.
  • Quotes . The “cite” or “quote” option can not only be used to reproduce the words of another person or mention text from another site. It is also useful for highlighting certain parts of your content.
  • Tables . Depending on the content of your text, a table can help the user to have the information available at a glance and in a way that they can easily relate some data to others.
  • Images and videos . Include photos and videos that are related to your content and that provide extra information.

All these elements do not always have to appear, but keep them in mind to give your content greater dynamism.

In this aspect, I recommend the Ultimate Shortcodes plugin for WordPress since it offers a multitude of layout options and in just a few clicks it will help you give your texts another look.

WordPress has some native options that can be useful to you, such as tables, bold or quotes, but this plugin expands and diversifies the options even more.

However, there are other plugins that you can use for this purpose or even, if you have enough knowledge, you could pull code to create your layouts.

Do not include these elements in any way: remember that the layout has to make sense with respect to the content so that it really adds value to the user.


As you can see, SEO writing does not only consist of writing content but also including all these techniques that will facilitate the positioning of those texts.

In addition to practicing a lot, I recommend you carefully analyze the SERPs to understand how Google processes search intent and how it positions websites according to the type of search the user does and the content they offer.

That’s where you’re going to find the battlefield and where you’re going to really learn how SEO copywriting works and how user preferences and Google’s algorithm merge to organize search results.

You can add even more power to your SEO content if you also have training in copywriting , since the latter will help you create agile and dynamic texts that engage the reader, in addition to offering them what they are looking for.

Think that well-written content with truthful information can go unnoticed if it does not have the ability to attract the reader and keep them reading.

Words have more and more value in the world of web positioning, so by training as an SEO copywriter you will be preparing to take another step in a booming profession.

If you are already clear that you want to start positioning your content in the first positions, take heart! With a good foundation, such as an SEO writing course and a lot of perseverance, it is only a matter of time to achieve it.


*Who provides best SEO content writing services?

You can hire us at the best price.

*Where can i find SEO writing jobs?

You can join freelancing platform for the above such as Fiverr and others.

*Should i use content writing tools for SEO?

I would not suggest any tools or spin content for better ranking on Google.

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