All right so i would say learn a good amount of the language itself you want to learn all the fundamentals learn about the the ecosystem the package managers things like that and then move on to a specific framework and most of the time you’re going to be using a framework and not building everything from scratch and reinventing the wheel especially when it comes to you know crud based apps so for node.js express is is definitely the most popular it’s pretty minimalistic and it allows you to just handle and customize your http request response cycle pretty easily create middleware add routing endpoints and so on it’s definitely my pick but there’s some others as well for node that are pretty good koa is very similar to express nest js is a larger more full-featured framework that actually uses typescript by default and it kind of reminds me of angular but on the back end so angular and nest might be a good combination loopback is another one you can easily create rest apis with a gui tool express is is definitely the main node.js framework that that’s used and many other frameworks are based off of express when it comes to node so for python there’s two really really fantastic frameworks and that’s django and flask so django is very full featured and high level you get to uh you know you get like a a complete admin area built in automatically there’s very specific ways to do things however you get a lot of bang for your buck it’s one of my favorite frameworks just in general and flask is also really good because it it’s it’s a it’s a nice alternative to django where django’s very high level flask is low level and minimalistic but it gives you a lot of freedom it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of django but you get a ton of freedom to do the things you want and it’s it’s actually pretty similar to express in my opinion in terms of you know how things are done with requests and response or whatever except it’s ython obviously instead of javascript so php has laravel which is definitely my choice when it comes to php it’s very elegant and even people that don’t necessarily like php still think laravel is a good framework you also have symphony which laravel is actually based off of symphony reusable components symphony it organizes code in a very clean way it is a little harder to learn than laravel but it’s a decent framework slim in my I should say in my opinion slim is another php framework that I particularly like for just creating simple rest apis again it kind of reminds me of express but for php so c-sharp has the has which is really powerful of course it uses framework I don’t have much experience with it but it is a real a well-respected choice and it’s used a lot in you know in the business world java has the spring mvc framework which is obviously an mvc model view controller based framework like many of these are model view controllers is a design pattern where the model handles the data the controller handles the requests and responses and the view handles the the ui or the template so you want to get familiar with that that design pattern and it can vary across different frameworks it doesn’t always look the exact same ruby on rails again full-featured framework for ruby also an mvc framework has a lot of built-in tools and allows you to build things really fast and then kotlin which i personally don’t have any experience with has the javelin framework and ktor which i couldn’t tell you anything about so if you’re interested in kotlin I suggest doing you know a lot more research. Learn web development. or higher The Digital IO.