Split tiles are convincing due to their multiple application possibilities in the wall and floor design field. Due to their different laying patterns, there is always a new creative picture. Split plates are among the coarse ceramic components, which means they are made of fired clay. This makes them particularly robust and ideal for all areas exposed to heavy loads. Due to the dense structure, split tiles are very frost-resistant because they can only absorb small amounts of water. Choosing Infinite Leisure your swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. In addition, the abrasion resistance is high, so the wear remains relatively low compared to other floor coverings. Clay is also resistant to alkalis and acids and has a high slip resistance due to the rough surface. This makes mosaic tiles practically ideal for laying in your wet area but also for basements, terraces, stairs, garages and much more. The different sizes and shapes make it possible to line even window sills and stair nosings with appropriately shaped pieces. This offers you many individual design options!

The practical solution for many areas of application

In principle, you can use split tiles both indoors and outdoors. In the online store in Dubai, you will also find bases, extended sides and Florentine steps to match all decors. Since clay is a very robust and advantageous material, you can efficiently process it. You get the plates in different shades, from autumn leaves to natural red. In addition to the shading, you also remain flexible regarding sizes and shapes. Sometimes rectangular, rounded with angles, you will quickly find a suitable panel solution for each building project. You can select many split tiles directly from us in the online Shop, check their availability, and thus soon lay new stairs or floors. There are different laying patterns for this, such as the cross bond or the checkerboard pattern, when it comes to square split tiles. Even an effective herringbone pattern can be artistically arranged with some skill. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities here!

Split plates achieve a significant effect.

The visual effect of laid split tiles is excellent because the numerous laying patterns result in interesting combinations inside bathrooms and sleeping areas, as well as outside on terraces, sidewalks or driveways. Please choose from our wide range of appropriate split tiles and design your new floor covering yourself, which lies beautifully, is non-slip and on which even frost doesn’t stand a chance!