For many people, the dream of competing in the Olympic Games, winning Roland Garros or playing in La Liga remains just that: a dream. Fortunately, there are many career opportunities in the sports industry that allow you to pursue your passion off the field.

For many fans, their passion for sports doesn’t wane once they realize how difficult it is to be a professional athlete. Today they have more ways than ever to be able to combine their passion with a professional career in sports , and not just as sports commentators or writers.

A report published by the Ministry of Culture and Sport revealed that in 2018, some 220 thousand people were employed in the sports sector in Spain. In this post, we will see the sports training with the most opportunities , the employment options that you can get, and how the European University can help you to meet your professional challenges.

Employment in the sports marketing area

The area of ??sports marketing covers a very varied spectrum, and at Universidad Europea we prepare you so that you have a broad profile and are capable of adapting to the demands of the market. In our Master in Sports Marketing , available to study in Spanish or English , you will study many aspects of that world, such as market research, consumer behavior, sports marketing strategy, sports branding and planning .

After finishing the master, you would be ready to successfully access numerous professional opportunities:

  • Company marketing departments from the different sectors that use sport to meet their market objectives
  • Marketing and communication agencies especially dedicated to sport.
  • Sporting events organization agencies
  • Marketing and communication departments of sports clubs of the different specialties.
  • Sports related media
  • Representatives of professional athletes , especially in the area of ??communication
  • Research institutes and consulting companies related to sport

If you are interested in working in the sports marketing sector, we also offer other possibilities such as:

  • Course in Sports Technology
  • Course in Sports Marketing

Sports law career opportunities

Sports law is a key aspect of how sports are regulated and how disputes are resolved. With our International Master in Sports Law LLM, available in person or online , you can acquire the necessary skills to build a career as a sports lawyer. Some of the options are:

  • Lawyer of an organization within the sports sector such as FIFA or UEFA
  • Internal lawyer in a sports organization, a club or a sports company
  • Legal representative of athletes, athletes, and sports professionals

Our portfolio of programs in the area of ??sports law also includes the Master in Sports Law , in which you will have the opportunity to make an optional international stay in Switzerland to get to know the sports legal epicenter by visiting and learning how institutions such as FIFA and the UEFA, and complete internships in sports law firms and offices, such as Senn Ferrero, Sportia Law, Baker & Mackenzie, Tebas & Coiduras Sport Law, Garrigues Sports.

Career opportunities in physiotherapy

A physical therapist is a medical professional who helps patients with any pain and mobility problems. Physical therapists often work closely with athletes to treat sports-related injuries. They can also develop a plan to prevent injuries . If an athlete is injured, the physical therapist provides rehabilitation to help them return to peak physical condition.

Using different therapies and methods, they develop treatment plans and supervise the rehabilitation process. These professionals strive to help athletes move freely, reduce pain, and prevent further injury.

At the European University, we have a fairly wide academic offer in the area of ??sports physiotherapy, designed for all profiles.

  • Master in Sports Rehabilitation
  • Master in Blended Sports Physiotherapy
  • Master in Sports Physiotherapy in Madrid
  • Degree in Physiotherapy in Madrid

Ways out of studying nutrition and dietetics

The importance of nutrition and diet has been a major focus for athletes in recent years. At Universidad Europea we are at the forefront of nutritional education and, if you choose to study with us, you will have access to professionals who work with top-level athletes in Spain and abroad. Our broad portfolio allows you to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the world of nutrition and make a difference in the performance of the athletes of the future.

  • Real Madrid Sports Nutrition Course
  • Masters in Sports Nutrition Online
  • Master in Sports Nutrition Real Madrid

Professional opportunities in sports coaching

While you may want to stop dreaming of being a professional athlete, you’d still like to take a more active role in building a team or as a coach. Our sports coaching programs at the European University will give you the necessary skills to be successful: communication, organization, teamwork and analysis. Consult our portfolio and choose the program that suits you best.

  • Master in Football Management
  • Master in Online Football Management
  • Master in Sports Psychology and Coaching
  • Master in Sports Rehabilitation

These are some of the programs and sports training with the most opportunities . But it is not the complete list of academic programs that we offer so that you can enjoy a professional career in the sports sector. Take a look at our entire offer in the sports area and start building your future today.