The Japanese company has been forced to modify its forecast due to the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis.

PlayStation 5 went on sale almost a year ago, but getting one has not been easy. They have not reached the physical stores directly and all sales have been made through the Internet, in waves of reservations. The pandemic  of coronavirus and shortage of semiconductors, a piece of hardware necessary for the production console has prevented the normal flow of machines on the market. According to Bloomberg, the situation is not going to improve in the coming months.

Sony had planned to produce more than 16 million units during the remainder of the fiscal year, that is, until March 2022. However, the company has put the brakes on and reduced that number by more than a million . After applying the correction, they intend to manufacture 15 million units, which makes it difficult to reach the sales target that they had projected to reach for that period of time, 14.8 million units, according to a source who has not wanted to reveal their identity.

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The coronavirus continues to worry

During the shareholders’ meeting on the occasion of the presentation of the financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, the company’s chief financial officer, Hiroki Toki, revealed that PS5 sales had been significantly lower than expected . It also warned that COVID-19 flare-ups could affect component supply. Anyway, PS5 has become the console that has more quickly reached 10 million units sold.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have suffered in their meat the shortage of components, a situation that is still far from normalized. From the technology sector, it is pointed out that it will be necessary to wait until well into 2022 for the trend to begin to turn around. Meanwhile, getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X will continue to be very difficult.

Source | Bloomberg