One of the great current difficulties that the suppliers of the distribution companies encounter is the great ignorance of their final consumers, since their clients are the distribution companies. However, distribution companies have a large amount of information about their clients that, in many cases, is difficult for them to analyze and use to design better campaigns and identify business opportunities for each category.

Uniting the knowledge that the supplier has of its products with the information of the clients that the distributor has can generate great potential in the development of Commercial and Marketing strategies that are beneficial for the three parties: clients, distributor and supplier.

There is an evident imbalance between the resources allocated by the supplier and the distributor in the management and analysis of the categories, with the suppliers having more specialized resources in each category. Sharing the information and knowledge of each one will help to improve their development and will contribute to carrying out campaigns aimed at each customer segment more effectively.

We are facing a new scenario in the distribution sector, where the first to work together will obtain an advantage that is difficult for their competitors to cut.