The present and the future of business strategy cannot be conceived without the collection and analysis of data to support decision-making. The aim of this article is to disengage the elements that surround the technology big data to learn a little more about it from the concept of 7 V . Digital signage in retail – Learn More About This

The 7 Vs of ‘big data’

It would be unthinkable to collect, store and analyze data from hundreds of thousands of customers manually. Big data technology makes it possible to carry out all these tasks automatically and unleash the full potential of data science thanks to the appropriate tools . 12 principles of agile methodology in project development

Thanks to the exploitation of big data,  data is transformed into very valuable information according to 7 key parameters

1. Volume

How many people are connected to the internet right now? Which of them are watching videos? And how many images? How many millions of people are on social media right now? Big data technology is capable of handling this enormous volume of data Data architecture: the basis of a differentiating strategy

2. Speed

Speed ??in terms of data processing . Our interconnections are constant and this technology is capable of creating, storing and processing data in real time.

3. Variety

A comment on Instagram, a visit to an online store, a form to download an ebook, a movie seen in streaming … Not all analysis methods are valid for all types of data, so they must be adapted to the nature of each information .

4. Feasibility

Not all the data collected is useful and even less if it is not contextualized. It is about giving them truthfulness and, derived from this, obtaining reliable information.

5. Truthfulness

Veracity tries to ensure that the data is correct, and therefore, effective for analysis and decision making. good strategy and correct planning bring you closer to the objective. The future of data processing: blockchain and big data

6. Visualization

Tables, spreadsheets, graphs, flows … The way the data is displayed also has an influence, and makes it easier to understand.

7. Value

Surely you have heard that famous phrase that says that “information is power”. In the case of big data technology , we could say that “information is value”. After having captured endless data, having stored it, classified by type and analyzed its veracity, it is time to apply the results to the strategy. 5 ‘big data’ solutions at the service of your business

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