The management of the relationship with the insured has evolved in recent years. Currently there are many communication channels through which to establish contact with customers, such as the network of mediators, the telephone, SMS messages or even the Internet. In addition, most companies have CRM applications and commercial agendas in which all the information related to interactions with the insured is collected, which allows a 360 view of the client that facilitates the commercial relationship with them.

Having a customer view has numerous advantages. On the part of the insurance company, it allows the development and offer of a more attractive product offer, optimizing, among other things, cross-selling ratios, reducing the rate of leaks and therefore improving the value of the client portfolio; For his part, the insured receives a more personalized treatment and offers that are tailored to his needs.

Only orienting our organization towards the client will improve the loyalty of our clients, our brand image and ultimately, our competitive position.