Speaking in public can be challenging for many people; For some, it may even be a fear that is difficult to face. But everything can be learned. Today we offer you a small list of five books that will help you improve your communication skills and overcome stage fright.

«TED method for public speaking: The secrets of the conferences that triumph around the world», (Ariel Empresa)

Jeremey Donovan, one of the organizers of the TED talks, has created a  guide full of tips to make your oral presentation an inspiring act capable of reaching the public. What is the secret of TED conferences? The narration, the body language, the tone, the empathy with the audience … all these aspects influence when it comes to attracting attention.

«Bravo Method: The definitive (and fun) tool to speak brilliantly in public in 5 easy steps» (Alienta Collection)

Mónica Galán’s book is defined as a help manual thanks to which anyone can obtain the practical keys, techniques, and essential tools to succeed in public speaking, moving from fear to scenic pleasure. Galán Bravo not only talks about communication for large audiences, she also exposes techniques of influence and persuasion to achieve the necessary impact in those conversations that may mean a turning point in life, what she calls exponential conversations. And it does so through effective explanations and simple examples so that anyone can access a higher level in their personal and professional communication.

“Learn to speak in public today” (Booket)

Speaking well in public is a skill that can be cultivated,  and that is how Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera understands it: almost anyone with the right training can do a good job in this field. The author does not seek to become “a great speaker” but to get you to express yourself effectively. Something that he sees as a consequence of two aspects combined: giving a favorable impression and making ideas suggestive. “Captivate and convince, the rest are heavenly music”, highlights the review of this book.

“Guide to public speaking: a complete and practical method for the most diverse situations” (Cine y Comunicación Alianza Editorial)

At a time when communication has emerged as an instrument of power, those who have the ability to effectively express their opinions and knowledge end up having influence not only in the most general strata of society but also in much more immediate areas, from a community of neighbors to work meetings. Hence, knowing how to speak well in public is revealed as an urgent requirement for all those who seek to achieve certain professional goals.  This guide by Carlos Javier Morales provides the reader with a complete and practical method to function successfully in the most diverse situations, from public expositions to job interviews or negotiations.

«The quick and easy way to speak effectively» (Ellipse)

Personal and professional success is directly linked to our ability to communicate; This is a skill that must be kept in continuous development, as we are constantly talking, whether in public or in private. Knowing what to say, saying it with precision, and especially how to say it is illustrated in this book so that the reader takes the key step to speak effectively.

You know, if you have to face a talk soon or need to prepare a presentation in front of co-workers, here is  a selection of books to learn to speak in public that are among the most recommended in the main book sale portals of Internet.

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