The arrival of online banking has caused, on the one hand, a latent need in customers and, on the other hand, that entities promote the digital behavior of users by making the best tools and simpler and faster processes available to them. Taking this into account, we have detected the five aspects of digital banking most valued by customers.

First of all, easy and consistent navigation between the website and the app. 68% of customers consider that a simple, intuitive and consistent experience between the bank’s website and mobile app is a key element in their digital experience with their banks.

Secondly, the ease in the registration process and the possibility of doing it completely remotely. 51% of customers highly value simple and digital contracting from start to finish without having to go through the bank’s offices, with a simple click from the mobile, tablet or computer, from the comfort of home.

Another highly valued aspect is the fact of receiving relevant offers at the right time.

45% of customers are tired of receiving general and insistent advertising. What they want are real-time, personalized offers that make a real impact and work for you.

Fourth, the availability of a remote manager (via chat, telephone, Skype, document exchange, digital signature, etc.). 39% of customers positively value the availability of a remote manager for clarification and advice, as well as the possibility of reviewing and signing documentation remotely.

Finally, the possibility of starting a management in one channel and ending it in others. 33% of customers consider it relevant to know that they are decision makers of their multichannel behavior. That is, the power to decide where, when and how. Whether from your computer, mobile or tablet, starting at the cashier and contracting from the comfort of your home and being able to validate a last minute detail with the remote manager.