A Power CRM is essential for any restaurant that wants to increase its sales. In designing a good marketing plan requires the use of a CRM.

It is 6 or 7 times more expensive for a restaurant to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. A power CRM customer who has already placed an order in a restaurant has a 60% chance of ordering again in the same establishment. Therefore, retaining customers is a very profitable strategy that every restaurant should consider.

But for a customer retention strategy to work it is necessary to use a tool called Power CRM. Any business generates information and data about its customers and suppliers, well the CRM orders and stores all that information that will be very useful to increase sales. Types of CRM and how to choose the most suitable one.

70% of clients fail in their sales due to the little analysis of their clients. And almost 50% of companies that have tried it say they can’t stop using CRM.

What is a CRM?

A power CRM (customer relationship management) system is a technology used by any type of business to collect, store, and manage information about its customers. This system is directly associated with the point of sale terminal (POS) to maintain contact with diners and help them return again and again. Why choose a cloud CRM as a management system?

The main functions of a CRM are to collect and store information about restaurant customers including purchasing behavior, birthday dates, food allergies, and contact information. But it also helps to maintain contact with customers by communicating upcoming events and news. It also allows you to send personalized promotions and discounts based on the behavior of each customer.

A CRM system allows to measure variables such as the frequency with which they visit the restaurant, their favorite dishes and drinks, the average expense per visit, the dishes that are not sold, home orders, the most and least busy days, handling of suppliers, invoice payments, taxes, payroll and events among others. Top 3 with the best CRMs on the market! Learn More of This.

With all this information available to the restaurant, many things can be done such as changing the menu, generating appointments with potential clients and improving the marketing strategy.

How does a CRM help improve a restaurant’s marketing strategy?

The data it provides on customer behavior helps to identify the buyer persona of a restaurant. And this allows to further segment the advertising that is done both online and offline.

Taking advantage of the customer’s contact details, we can send them promotions by email, text messages and WhatsApp. An offer can be launched to attract more sales on days when there are fewer. You can run a promotion so that the dish you like the most is sold more. Make giveaways to be more visible on social networks. CRM tools: How to improve your loyalty programs.

A congratulations and a discount can be sent a few days before the birthday of a client so that he or she goes to celebrate it at the restaurant. You can also send promotions for special days such as mother’s day, father’s day, etc.

The best CRMs today

A CRM system can be completely online or it can be a program that is installed on the restaurant’s computer.


It’s easy to use. All contacts can be imported or dumped into it to track customers, manage restaurant staff, and run personalized marketing campaigns.


It is one of the most complete CRMs on the market. It is easy to use and also inexpensive. It can also be used as a project manager and billing program. Provides management of contacts, invoices, orders, commercial campaigns and marketing actions.


It is the best known online CRM. Monitor emails and business calls. Sample analytics and funnels. It is easy to use and it is completely online.

A power CRM is pure productivity because it has all the information ready to be used at any time, saving time in the development of a marketing strategy.

The power of CRM for a communication agency and its audiences

power bi dynamics crm

Communication agencies work with multiple partners or audiences: clients, journalists, suppliers, among others, so good relationship management is essential.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a tool whose objective is to help a company to “listen” (or read) the customer, learn to understand him, in order to adapt the products or services to his needs and interests.

According to Peppers and Rogers, “In its most generalized form, CRM can be seen as a set of practices designed simply to put a company in much closer contact with its customers. In this way, learn more about each one, with the broader objective that each one is more valuable while also increasing the value of the company.

CRM is a highly useful tool for a PR professional, not just for sales. However, according to the  State of Inbound LATAM 2017,  only 15% of professionals in the field have as their main sales priority investing in a CRM system, while the main objective is to close more deals, with 76%.

Now, how could CRM be useful for a communication agency? Its importance can be reflected in several directions:

-For the media it  is possible to organize a database in such a way that it concentrates all the data from each platform and journalist in a more organized and specific way. In addition, the CRM optimizes the follow-up with each task, since it is possible to find out if someone to whom some material has been sent opened the email, visited the integrated link or carried out some other action. It is even possible to know what were the last calls, emails or notes with a certain contact. The implementation of the CRM would build stronger relationships with the media and journalists, who are a fundamental audience for a communication agency.

-To boost productivity, it  is very useful because it allows planning tasks and reducing times, increasing the effectiveness of the staff within the agency. For example, if it is necessary to find an  influencer  from the source of technology and specialized in the handling of drones, the CRM would facilitate the search to find the right person; It will only be necessary to tag each journalist,  blogger, influencer, advocate , etc. And correlate it with their specialties and interests in addition to integrating complementary information such as their scope, audience, tone, etc. CRM Online: what is it and what are its advantages?

-For the development of more personal relationships with clients and collaborators it  is equally useful, since the CRM allows to collect public and relevant data about internal and external audiences. Creating deeper relationships allows you to give more accurate recommendations for clients and create closeness with the people who make up the agency. The more information is strategically concentrated, the more opportunities will be generated to know the audience, understand it, measure the level of satisfaction, create sustained strategies and, therefore, capture it.

In addition, CRM allows a company to achieve improvements in three ways: companies will be able to notice at least a 20% increase in the efficiency of conversion to income, from a 10% increase in average sales and an additional 30% in customer satisfaction. clients, so it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to start adopting this business model focused on the client and its history of interactions.

The power of your company, why you need a CRM

crm power point

Information is power and we know it, but it is useless to have a lot or a little if we do not know how to take advantage of it. We must be able to analyze it, manage it and get the most out of it. But not all of them do it even though, in reality, the life (of their company) goes to them. How many small businesses do you know that have a CRM? A what?

It is a customer management system (Customer Relationship Management) that, through a well-developed strategy and good technology, helps to manage customer relationships and all the information generated in business activity, more intelligently and efficient.

Therefore, if you have at least one client and you are looking for another, you need a CRM . And for those who have doubts, surely some of this will sound familiar:

  • In search of the lost excel . I can’t find the data of this client, do you have it? Possibly someone from your company is now in charge of other functions, for example after sales, but he does not have in his excel the information and history that he needs from some clients, so he will have to ask what colleague took him before and if he has any files or emails The worst thing that may happen to you is if that employee is no longer with the company! With a CRM you can gather all the lists in a complete, visual and centralized repository available to the entire team and departments, with data that is always up-to-date and secure . The best bomb-proof database .
  • Doing the marketing plan blindly . Many times you do not have the appropriate information to create a good sales strategy, it often happens that marketing plans are made by intuition or improvisation, but it will not work. A CRM will allow you to collect accurate information, being able to segment it appropriately, which will help you better design communication and commercial promotion strategies .
  • The daunting task of making a report . Horror, they ask you for a quarterly report for tomorrow, and you don’t even know where to start, there is a lot of data to collect. With the CRM you can quickly collect useful data and graphs , analyze the results of sales and commercial actions, with statistics that allow efficient decision-making .
  • Losing control . When everyone acts according to their idea and their own criteria, and there is no organization focused on previously defined common objectives, it will be chaos. With the flow of information that a CRM provides, key decisions can be made not only in the sales strategy, but also improve internal processes , building a cohesive structure, and controlling what everyone does.
  • Don’t go out, don’t party . Without sales we do nothing, but do we know how we are doing? The CRM helps you by showing the entire sales process (the funnel), being able to determine in which phase of the negotiation with a client we are, and also later, it will also help us with future remarketing and loyalty operations.
  • You catch me outside and I’m in a hurry . As smart as your mobile is, it is not easy to manage all things, but you could download the CRM application for phones and tablets. In addition, many tasks can also be automated , and the speed of the procedures can be increased. No more “some” excuses.

And this is for all sectors? Yes, if we think about the tourism sector , these systems are essential for a better relationship with customers, to provide them with new value, to achieve greater satisfaction and loyalty with the company itself. For example, in a tourist accommodation, thanks to a CRM we will surely have more data and knowledge about their preferences and what they expect, therefore, we will be better able to convince them, exceed their expectations, know what and how to sell them and also make them come back.

So whatever the company you are, ask yourselves: What do you want? Sell? How many? Much? And how are you doing it? Wrong. Well, a CRM can be the perfect tool to improve relationships with your customers, your marketing strategy and your sales, it will give you the power of the company .